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Friday, July 21, 2006

More about Imad Mugniyah and capture of IDF troops in Lebanon

Imad Mugniyah likely behind the capture of Israeli soldiers
By Bill Roggio

Counterrorism Blog has a lengthy article about Imad Mugniyah, and there are new links and further information - curiously this name has not appeared in any MSM stories (well the stories Lord Patel has seen).

Hezbollah has conducted a highly successful raid into Israeli territory, attacking a Israeli Defense Force outpost along the Israel-Lebanese border, killing 3 soldiers and capturing 2 after they were wounded. 4 Israeli soldiers were killed when their tank ran over a land mine in Lebanon during follow-up operations to free the captured soldiers. An additional soldier was killed when attempting to recover the bodies of the 4 tank crew.

Hezbollah carefully planned and selected the personnel for this operation, and executed it with precision. The attack began with an artillery barrage along the Israeli frontier. An IDF outpost, with well trained Israeli troops (?), was overrun, and Hezbollah had the time to take the 2 wounded Israeli soldiers hostage. The land mine used to destroy the tank during the Israeli follow-up raid into Lebanon was deliberately set to catch the IDF while pressing forward, and large enough to destroy a well armored main battle tank. The Israeli search and rescue combat team took heavy fire once they crossed the border. Hezbollah laid a trap for the IDF.
>>> a lot more

No mere border skirmish if this analysis is correct.

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