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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Now there are 12 - Evil bomb plot mastermind's brother out on the street

2 more are released
Tayib Rauf pic Swiss paper tagesanzeiger

Mohammed Nazam, the owner of the grocery store where Tayib Rauf 22, was taped hours before his arrest, and a friend of the Rauf family, reports that Tayib had been released.

Tayib's brother, Rashid Rauf, is being interrogated by law enforcement authorities in a town near the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, over his alleged role in the alleged MuslimoFascist Jihadist transatlantic airplane toilet terror baby bomb plot.He was arrested on August 9th (immediately prior to the UK swoop by Plod) in Bahawalpur in eastern Pakistan, allegedly a hotbed for Islamic militants.

Mudassar Arani a solicitor representing 23-year-old Amin Asmin Tariq who woked for Jet Airways at Heathrow Airport (from where he has been suspended) has also been released from custody. Mudassar Arani, said "Despite a very thorough police investigation, not a shred of evidence implicating him in terrorism was disclosed to him," Arani said.

"Mr. Tariq now wishes to be left alone to spend time with his family and rebuild his life."

One more charged

Umair Hussain, 24, from east London, was accused today under section 38b(1)(a) and (2) of the Terrorism Act 2000 with failing to disclose information about his brother Nabeel Hussain, will appear at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday with the other 11 people were remanded in custody on Tuesday over the alleged MuslimoFascist Jihadist transatlantic airplane toilet terror baby bomb plot at City of Westminster Magistrates Court.Failure to charge him today would have meant he had to be released.

Nabeel Hussain is thought to be among eight people still being questioned by police.

Eight remian in Custody

Eight other people remain in custody and detectives have until next Wednesday to question them.

No bombs found

The Seattle Times reports
that ..."the U.S. official said no evidence had yet been found that prototype bombs had been built and tested. The official also said British investigators had "misconstrued" ordinary travel by some of the participants as a "trial run."

The same un-named mysterious senior US intelligence official is reported as claiming that Ali Ahmed Khan, who was taken into custody and charged with conspiracy to murder and Terrist offences, was acting as the chief "facilitator" of the alleged MuslimoFascist Jihadist transatlantic airplane toilet terror baby bomb plot plot

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