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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Freudships never die ... Chris owes one to darling Tony

The Mirror has an exclusive - which they splash today a "leaked" memo for the beatification tour of the Dear Leader - it includes the fascinating line....

"Mr Blair's "farewell tour" includes plans to appear on Blue Peter, Songs of Praise and Chris Evans' radio show."
... Chris Evans' Radio show appearance got even more of a boost on Newsnight just now... Kirsty saying that this was "eagerly sought".

As 99% of our readers were not reading this blog on May 1st 2005 at Election time you will have perhaps missed the story Postman (ennoblement came later) "BBC - announces end of election" and mentioned Tony Blairs triumph at a meeting in Enfield (od all places) where he was endorsed by shock haired ex-jock (then) Chris Evans which was covered by the BBC here which is where the pic comes from.

The next day (May 2nd) Mark Simpson on his BBC Election blog had to boost both Mr Blair and Mr Evans ...Postman wrote "Evans sent. BBC splash Blair support"

Tony Blair was introduced on Sunday May 1st at a rally in Enfield by DJ Chris Evans, who gave Labour a ringing endorsement.

POSTED: Monday 2 May, 0925BST

Tony Blair was introduced on Sunday May 1st at a rally in Enfield by DJ Chris Evans, who gave Labour a ringing endorsement.

The ginger-haired star introduced the PM at a Labour rally in Enfield last night, showered him with witty praise and then made a confession - he reads the Daily Telegraph.

Evans said it was unusual reading material for a socialist, but added that he liked the crossword and also wanted to find out what the Tories were up to. "They're not up to very much," he concluded, which went down well with the Labour audience.

Why Evans for Fuck's sake ?

Well, why is this foul mouthed clown who plays records on the radio and allowed his visitors to say fuck on his Channel 4 program TFI Friday (Translated into yoof ese that is "Thank Fuck it's Friday" Gedditt !!) such a booster of the Blair ? Famously sacked at the same time by BBC for simply not turning up.

In 1998 MORI undertook a poll for M&M's of the young voters and 7% wanted Chris Evans as PM...Tony would like a share of that so Chris is giving him a lift and also slipping into gear with the BBC again anxious of course to boost the listeners.

Just 2 old actors getting together to scratch each other's backs...That's showbiz folks...... Helped no doubt by the assistance of Freud Communications (prop.43 yr old Matthew Freud, son of Ex Lib/Dem MP and bore Clement Freud) who provides PR services to both Tony B & Chris E. 42 yr old Matthew is handily ( and probably happily) married to Head of B Sky B, Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupe , close friend of Peter Mandelson. By the way Chris Evans was the GLR producer for Matthew's sister Emma's mid morning show in his early days.

Elisabeth's BSkyB paid for a large party for Young Labour (in the World Famous Palace Discotheque in Blackpool) at the 1998 Labour Party Conference, organised by Matthew Freud and hosted by Chris Evans. The party cost £20,000....small world.. entertainment.

Later of course Freud was on the chief planning committee for the Millenium Dome - which is something he probably misses off his CV these days.

Evans and Blair - difficult to decide which is the biggest cunt. Brilliant PR however - Chris you might remember after the election got his own BBC Saturday afternoon show which translated from this April into his Drive time Radio 2 show on BBC. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous and it's not only dandruff that comes off.If you really are interested in Chris Evans his BBC blog is here The BBC published his first RAJAR audience figures on August 3rd to show that Evans Drive Time show has 150,000 less listeners than John Walker who preceded him.

Despite that In early May 2006, he was named music radio personality of the year, When accepting the award, Evans thanked the BBC for giving him "a second chance".

The UK, as the BBC keeps telling us, has one of the largest radio audiences in the world, with more than 90% of the population tuning in each week.


Anonymous said...

A note for my Lord Patel's non-British readers. Entertainers at the BBC are reaping huge and disproportionate salaries. This stinks of bribery, yet no one appears to be interested in sniffing out this story.

quarsan said...

i thought he might go on a special edition of evans' tv programme - don't forget yout toothbrush

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