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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gitmo 14 - Have a lawyer but don't talk to him.

Mahmood Khan, brother of Majid Khan, who was held for more than three years in a secret CIA prison said "We had no way of knowing who had him or where he was." Khan, is a Pakistani national who lived in the United States for seven years. It is claimed that he took orders from Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the man accused of orchestrating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Mohammed allegedly asked Khan to research poisoning U.S. reservoirs and considered him for an operation to assassinate the Pakistani president.

Majid worked in the family petrol station which also made him a suspect in trying to destroy US oil stocks.
Yeah really.

Well Majid is in now Guantanamo Bay, one of 14 high-value detainees transferred in September from the "black" sites to the U.S. military prison. That doesn't help the family much.

Now the US Gubment in new court filings submitted to U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton on Oct. 26. claims the CIA interrogation methods are now among the nation's most sensitive national security secrets and that their release -- even to the detainees' own attorneys -- "could reasonably be expected to cause extremely grave damage."

The government, asserts that the detainees' experiences are so fucking secret that they should never be shared with the public and so is blocking lawyers' access to the 14 detainees.

CIA Information Review Officer Marilyn A. Dorn states that Khan ,

"was detained by CIA in this program, he may have come into possession of information, including locations of detention, conditions of detention, and alternative interrogation techniques that is classified at the TOP SECRET//"sensitive compartmented information." SCI."

This Alice in Wonderland world of US Justice is supported by , from outward apperances a fairly normal human being , Kathleen Blomquist, a Justice Department spokeswoman, just another cog in the machine of this perverted "Justice" , that details of the CIA program must be protected from disclosure. She said the lawyer's proposal for talking with Khan "is inadequate to protect unique and potentially highly classified information that is vital to our country's ability to fight terrorism."

But the real shitkicking override is that Government lawyers also argue in court papers that detainees such as Khan previously held in CIA sites have no automatic right to speak to lawyers because the new Military Commissions Act, signed by President Bush last month, stripped them of access to U.S. courts. That law established separate military trials for terrorism suspects.

You are fucked every which way pal in the this Kafkesque Universe.

More at Wapo and CNN and at Kurt Nimmo Washington Monthly

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