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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hariri motorcade struck by missile - supersonic guided bomb ?

Very interesting article "U.N. Investigators Broach Theory that Hariri was Killed by a Missile" by Christopher Bollyn 21 November 2006. Superb pictures and argument.

"The evidence from the crime scene indicated the possibility that an air-launched missile had targeted Hariri's car and left a large crater in the road. "The evidence," I wrote shortly after the murder, "indicates that the Hariri bombing may have been a missile attack from the air."

Which is highly likely - far more so than a truck bomb...and addressed by Lord Patel on November 7th 2005 " Uncle Sam's bomb Farm" when he read about the supersonic launch by Boeing of laser guided "Raptor" supersonic launched JDAM's ... this is a brief extract ...

The Lockheed Martin F/A-22 Raptor, demonstrated in May ’05 the supersonic delivery of JDAM’s in which a Laser guided JDAM was released from a U.S Air Force F-16 flying at 20,000 feet approximately four miles from an unmanned truck moving at 15 miles per hour. A second F-16 trailing the test aircraft targeted the truck with a laser. The inert JDAM tracked the laser to the target and scored a direct hit on the truck.

“Adding the capability of supersonic JDAM provides a substantial increase in bomb range to destroy lethal threats well outside of their engagement envelopes,” he said. “The Raptor is essential to the Global Strike concept, and supersonic JDAM optimizes that capability.” (Courtesy of Air Force Materiel Command News Service)

... a bunch of ragheads can apparently do the same trick with an improvised IED made out of old artillery shells, a mobile phone and some ingenuity.... and at a slightly lower cost.

...of course if you needed a precise hit on a seafront motorcade in Beirut ..

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