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Friday, February 09, 2007

Jack Straw's impressive acheivements questioned publicly

As stories swirl about Jack's impressive track record of sexual athleticism, he comments in the first line of his Jack Straws Blog in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph today

Posted by Jack Straw at 5:15pm on Thu 8 Feb 07

"So how many times has that been raised at one of your open-air meetings, Jack?' is a question I've been asked a few times these last nine months."


Family mottos of the Huge not Straw family .."Voulez vouz jig a jig avec moi ce soir mademoiselle ?"

"Ou est ma tante ? Elle est sur la cabinet"

"Mais, non! Elle 'est dans la cabinet!"

Boom! Boom!


Those interested in evaluating the veracity of what Mr Jack Straw said about the Niger Uranium nonsense and who knew what about anything pre"dodgy dossier", can read with interest today's post by yourplanetisdoomed and the release of CIA materials at the trial of the unfortunate Mr Libby.


Anonymous said...

it's becoming obvious why women wanted to wear face veils when seeing Jack Straw.

strawsnemesis said...


Now you wonder if he'll show HIS face in public.

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