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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Knife that killed Dr David Kelly. Amazing Find. Amazing Pictures

This should make the jowls of that fat cunt Lord Falconer of the Stunningly Beautiful Wife and What can she Possibly see in that overweight Turd shake . The Knife has been found. It has been photographed. Read on ....

On 6 August 2003 Mr Gardiner the Oxford Coroner was handling the Kelly death - presumably in a routine fashion. he found it necessary however to write to the Lord Chancellor expressing concern about the hastily summoned Hutton's and his lack of legal powers compared with a Coroners inquest.

"As you will know, a coroner has power to compel the attendance of witnesses."... which whitewashing Lord Hutton fresh from concealing many years of payment of murderers and gangsters by the officers of the State in Northern Ireland was about to carry onthe good work in his retirement from judicial lying and obfuscation.

In a letter to Mr Gardiner, dated 12 August 2003, Sarah Albon another lying fucking lawyer and private secretary to the Lord Chancellor, (and probably a blameless civil servant who does as she is told to protect herself and her pension) said that "the cause of death of Dr David Kelly is likely to be adequately investigated by the judicial inquiry conducted by Lord Hutton". (Which it wasn't and is a complete utter lie and fabrication - the whole purose of Lord Hutton's street theatre was actually to conceal the Truth not reveal it which is why the Lard Arse Lord Chancellor had personally chosen him)

This extraordinary letter, no doubt bemerded with the stains of foi gras and chip fat , and stained with a decent Merlot, bearing much of the spittle, DNA and greasy fingerprints of Tony's ex bedmate flatmate allowed that Mr Gardiner may want to take fresh evidence from the pathologist and analyst..... well, a nod is as good as a wink to Mr Gardiner.... especially when it comes from the Master Architect of the Universe and the Millennium Dome.

My Lord Chancellor, now relieved of the duty of warming his gross arse on the Woolsack was minded as these legal johnnies have it, and "most anxious to avoid any unnecessary distress to the family, and has asked that you keep the proceedings as short as possible and, so far as the Coroner's Rules allow, take the evidence in writing".

What for fuck's sake had he and his colleagues in Government done but distress the poor fucker (which a close scrutiny of his records would show he had a dicky heart) and his family, whose wife had a debilitating condition?

Lord Falconer is the most egregious, lying, deceitful, dishonest, corrupt fuck that ever held unelected office....."most anxious to avoid any unnecessary distress " .. may that be carved as a memorial on his grave a la Robin Popinjay Cook, another man who died out in open country in mysterious circumstances.

Not only did they distres Dr Kelly, they did it with determined deliberation. They did it in public. They ensured that the whole weight of the UK political media exposed him. They brought all the resources of the State to bear on distressing the poor sod. The gimlet eye of the TV camera relayed his distress to the nation. They did it relentlessly, orchestrated by that gimlet eyed, heartless bastard Campbell. They hung him out to dry. If HOlman Hunt had been alive they would have commissioned a painting of him as "The Scapegoat".

Anyway Mr Gardiner the Coroner did as he was told and held a hearing on 14 August 2003, which must have been the day he received the letter given the state of the post... "taking fresh evidence from the pathologist and analyst as my Lord had suggested and "kept the proceedings as short as possible and, so far as the Coroner's Rules allow, take the evidence in writing"." as our fat friend Falconer accepted Mr Gardiner "may want to". The evidence and post mortem report he received from the Home Office pathologist, Dr Hunt, and the toxicology report from Dr Allan, remain sealed and unseen - we are lucky as a nation to be served by public officials who can act with such, speed , tact and disretion and a Coroner who fails to issue any notification of his court proceedings - purely you understand to " avoid any unnecessary distress to the family".

On 18 August 2003 Mr Gardiner felt he was able to issue (remarkably and virtually without precedent) a full death certificate which was sent to the registrar and set out the causes of death - haemorrhage and incised wounds to the left wrist....curiously it appears with no mention of co-proxamol.... nor of elevated potassiumn levels which might indicate something else such as an injection of say, potassium chlorate.

All that was left was for Mr Gardiner nearly a year later after Hutton had published his palimpsest of lies, half truths, and lawyerly spin that Mr Gardinerfelt able to hold a final and unannounced hearing in March 2004 in Oxford at which Mr Gardiner said he was satisfied there were "no exceptional reasons," including concerns about the Hutton inquiry's powers (which curiously he had initially raised with Fatty Falconer the State Assassin's Friend), for the inquest to be resumed.

...a nod is as good as a wink to Mr Gardiner.

The knife? Daily Pundit has it here.

G K Chesterton The Flying Inn 1914

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