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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tim Yeo, Statesman, Golfer, Climate Change Denialist.:Amazing Pictures

Struggling to make sense of the various registers held by the Electoral Commission my technical and legal staff discovered there is a class of persons called Regulated Donees...which appears to consist of registered members of registered political parties who have received either cash or gifts in kind , or travel which has been paid for.

On examining this register, the eagle eye of Tony Fabuloso our Forensic Accountant lit on the record of Mr Timothy Yeo MP, (website just set up) regular trouserer of brown envelopes stuffed with cash from the murderous Duke of Edinburgh's nemesis, the Fuggin' Pharoah of Harrods. Not only is he still unbelievably the Tory MP for South Suffolk but also chair of the House of Commons Environmental Audit committee.

It seems that Yeo is in receipt of a British Airport Authority car parking pass worth £5,245 which he probably needs at Heathrow because of his frequient visits to Canada to catch up with Canadian MPs to chat over the odd G & T about climate change on a visit from 29/05/06 to 31/05/06, the bill for which the taxpapeyr via the British High Commission, in Canada picked up.

That was probably less arduous than a visit to Cuba (the most recent, it appears, of many) organised and paid for by Sherritt International, of Yonge Street, Toronto and to "To meet government officials" at a cost of £ 3,292.90 from the 16th to 20th of November 2006. (Yonge Street, famously the "longest Street in the world" was home to the Nickleodeon, a club owned by Ronnie Hawkins of Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks or 4 Niggers and a Redneck as bass player Reed like to call them. BBC 4 program and Wikipedia.

Yeo is no stranger to either Sherritt International, the Canadian coal and oil conglomerate that mines 40m tonnes of coal a year from some of the most sensitive environments in Canada or their extensive investments in Cuba where its cobalt and nickel mines are some of the country's biggest polluters. Yeo has twice visited (at least his first recorded visit was 19-21 November 1998,)this sun drenched demi paradise and the Sherritt luxury elite golf course and his generous Canadian hosts. Sherritt announced results for 4th Qtr ending 31st December today, EPS has risen from 5 cents Canadian to 51 cents a share.For the full year, Sherritt posted a record profit of double last year, C$245.6 million,(C$124.3 million last year)."Sherritt profit soars on commodity prices, " headlines Reuters. ..they must be jumping for joy in the cobalt mines in Cuba.

Indeed sun tanned Tim penned a detailed, lengthy and fascinating tour d'horizon of the golfing landscape of Cuba and the Varadero, Cuba's only 18-hole course built on the remains of the du Pont mansion evacuated in the 1930's for the Financial Times (2/12/06) "One day" says plucky Tim the intrepid traveller (preferably at someone else's expense) ," ..... there will be lots of golf courses in Cuba. Land is plentiful and, with wage costs low, this is a peaceful revolution waiting to happen." (Pic 2003 with a fresh faced, youthful "friend" - was the odd roach the only vice the Boy David indulged in we ask ? Note the tie !)

Curiously he had already declared "Mr Yeo declared (in MP's interests) a visit to Cuba from 10 to 15 November 2004, (see pic) to meet Cuban Government officials and to carry out research for writing an article for Weekend FT; the fares and accommodation had been paid for by Sherritt International Corporation. " Just how many reports do they need in the FT of the only 18 hole course in Cuba?

It is slightly unsettling that in a GMTV interview on Sunday January 14th this year he was proposing, as Chairman of the Emvironmental audit committee (appointed 15th Dec.2005)that ..." There is no reason at all why people should fly around the UK, fly from London to Edinburgh, London to Scotland, London to Glasgow, London to Manchester, London to Newcastle. Those flights should be knocked out. " ... which is barmy enough.

When asked by Gloria del Piero ".... we shouldn’t have the right to fly internally in the UK?"

Tiger Tim replied .." Well I think we should make the price so unattractive, obviously…"

GLP ..." So only rich could fly around the UK?"

Rather ominously he replied ..."if we made the trains better from London to Glasgow, London to Edinburgh, they’re a little better than they were on the Manchester line, if we made them better and also made them cheaper" ...did he know something about Railtrack's track onward from Manchester to Glasgow "?

Close scrutiny of his FT "my golf jollies at other's expense", column, shows that in the last 12 months reports from Cuba, twice from both California and China , Philadelphia, Singapore, Dar Es Salaam and Georgia (plus Loch Lomond - skiving off from the Party Conference - where his absence went unremarked and probably un-noticed) - not forgetting a glorious day golfing at 3 of Britain's best golf courses in a single day, courtesy of Netjet in a luxuriously appointed private jet with glamorous and helpful hostesses to refresh the jaded golfer.

Leopards apparently never change their spots. Why do the worthy electors of Surrey elect a cunt like Yeo ? .. and keep on electing him since 1983 ? ... perhaps because of his Energy Saving (Daylight) Bill - to move the clocks forward by one hour throughout the year has drawn second place in this year's Private Members Bill ballot.

Tom Ireland (who he ? ED.) has erected as a monument, a website to stalking this oaf. There is precious little information, but a link to some really disgusting pictures of the said gent doing unspeakable things - see clipping. Shilpa Shetty did tell Lord Patel however that Tim's days of hanky panky and "playing away from home," is restricted to golf, when she looked up some of her old chums at the House of Commons last week like Johnny "The Donkey" Reid, Johnny "Croquet Balls" Prescott et al. Doctor's Orders apparently.

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