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Friday, March 23, 2007

21/7 Bombers - Kamlish..What did he know and when did he know it.... who is Mr Asiedu Marquaye Abubakari ??

Stephen Kamlish QC (Tooks Chambers - Prop. M Mansfield)was a counsel to the Stephen Lawrence family, and represented Dr. Harold Shipman. He is acting on behalf of Manfo Kwaku Asiedu 33, who appears to be separating himself physically (he is now sat elsewhere in the dock) andlegally by providing evidence that is unhelpful to his co- defendents in the 21/7 bombing case at the Old Bailey.

Encouraged by his brief, Kamlish, Asiedu said that Muktar Said Ibrahim 29, wanted to carry out something "bigger and better than 7/7".

Stephen Kamlish QC said he had documentary evidence proving Mr Ibrahim, Khan and Tanweer were all in Pakistan at the same time. he asked Ibrahim who he describes as the "emir" of the plot...

"Has there been any discussion between you and them on how to make effective bombs to start a bombing campaign in this country, the first of which was 7/7, the second of which was going to be 21/7?" he asked - which suggests that he is acting more for the prosecution than the defence.

Ibrahim replied: "No."

He then went on to say

"The only two occasions on which the authorities in this country had ever come across an improvised explosive device made from hydrogen peroxide and an organic substance was the 7th of July and the 21st of July."
"Yes," Mr Ibrahim replied.

Which is very curious because there has never been any evidence produced from the scene of the crimes on the tubes or the bus in Tavistock Square that the devices used were based on peroxide based explosives.

There has been much talk of such devices and a lot of hocus pocus, including photographs of devices allegedly found in the boot of a car (which car seems very unclear) at Luton Station - evidence which surfaced curiously in America and not from the Metropolitan Police... and about which Sgt Clark the Sphincter of the Yard remains curiously and resolutely silent.

Curiously Clifford Todd, principal forensic investigator, head of the Forensic Explosives Laboratory in Kent was in charge of dealing with the unknown explosive material (found in the bags on the trains and bus). When first alerted to the four scenes of crime he said there was very little scientific evidence to go on he explained to the court on 8th March 2007.
"Uppermost in our minds were the events of July 7. At that time we were reasonably sure that hydrogen peroxide and organic fuels were concerned in that case. "It looked as though it might be similar, but we had no actual evidence." The forensic specialist, who has 20 years of experience, said he had never come across hydrogen peroxide-based bombs before. BBC 9th March 2007

Clifford Todd, principal forensic investigator, head of the Forensic Explosives Laboratory in Kent with 20 years experience was "reasonably sure that hydrogen peroxide and organic fuels were concerned in that case" ... "he had never come across hydrogen peroxide-based bombs before."

So will someone ask Mr Ibrahim;

1. Where he obtained the evidence that the 7/7 bombs were "improvised explosive device(s) made from hydrogen peroxide and an organic substance"

2. Who provided it to him.

3. When it was provided to him.

Because it appears,he knows something that the Metropolitan Police and Mr Todd don't know... . The kicker is of course, given that Ibrahim agreed with Kamlish's proposition, that HE also knew that the 7/7 bombs were peroxide based.

A point that the highly trained, Rolls Royce mind of Mr Kamlish QC, passed over... and the same with Ibrahim's sleeping brief Mr Carter-Stephenson QC (he acted for an acquitted defendent in the hilarious "Ricin" but no "ricin" plot / laboratory case).

Curious man Mr Manfo Kwaku Asiedu - a man described in court as of "no fixed abode" but who was at the time of arrest living with Yassin Omar. At whose flat MR Asiedu has helpfully explained there was a booby trap bomb which would set London alight.

The prosecution say he came to the UK in 2003 from Ghana on a passport in the name of George Nanak Marquaye ... but they say he may also be Sumaila Abubakari but his nationality is unclear - looks a handy man for the prosecution to know all about.

Oddly there IS a Mr. Kwaku Asiedu Manfo, who is the the son of the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Dr K.K. Manfo, in Ghana, who lives in London who is mightily embarassed at the use of his name as it appears somehow the bogus Mr Manfo Kwaku Asiedu has appropriated it and used it to secure a parking permit in Finchley. He lives in a hostel and appears to have mislaid his passport.

The Hydrogen Peroxide was purchased by Asiedu (accompanied and caught on CCTV (one that worked) with Ibrahim, at Sally's Hair and Beauty Supplies in Finchley, which he visited 4 times and bought hundreds of litres of the fluid hair bleach)

All very, very odd.... Perhaps someone should ask Mr Todd back to tell us all exactly what the 7/7 bombs (all of them) were made of.

Very, very odd.

This information about the exchanges in court today, came from BBC 2 Newsnight tonight and the Guradian story , the background from previous BBC / Press stories in UK / Ghana etc wher not linked.,.


Anonymous said...

"Which is very curious because there has never been any evidence produced from the scene of the crimes on the tubes or the bus in Tavistock Square that the devices used were based on peroxide based explosives."

... which has been puzzling me, too (and no doubt hundreds of thousands of others).

cmain said...

Excellent post. Mr Kamlish thinks it is a remarkable coincidence that Ibrahim was in the same country (Pakistan) as Khan and Tanweer. I think he should be directed to Peter Power who was not only in the same country but simulating bombs going off in "precisely" the same locations as the bombs that did go off.

Shutter said...

Which is about as much a coincidence as the fact that all three spent a lot longer in another country with excellent traffic infrastructure ... the UK.

PP was in the Unified theory of 7/7 another Patsy who had been asked legitimately to organise what he said he did, and being an egotistical braggart had to tell everybody about it.

He was just another part in the complete jigsaw which the Lady Jane Pauline Neville Jones Fan Club were completing on that day.

viz Guliani in town , Halevy article in J Post, Netanyahu in town, Ken on way back from Singapore, TB outta town. None coincidental, but contrived.

£ to a pich of snuff these 3 in the slammer yield nothing .. how do yuo gee up some more funds for overtime ? Haul in a few dusky, bearded, young men.. they must be bad men as my Nany used to say , otherwise the Police men wouldn't have arrested them

Anonymous said...

Who was the Asian Woman who assisted Asiedu?

Sandra Sealey, former manager of Sally Hair & Beauty Supplies, Finchley, told the court that Mr Asiedu became a regular customer in May and June 2005. She first met him, she said, on May 9: “He had a basket full of peroxides and he asked if we had any more. I said we hadn’t any and it wasn’t a great seller. He asked if we could order some more. He was really nice and polite.”

Mrs Sealey said that Mr Asiedu was with an Asian woman who produced a “Sallycard” that entitled him to buy the 14 litres at a much reduced price. On May 19, he returned and bought 18 litres of peroxide — “everything on the shelf” — and asked if he could order more. On June 1 he bought 42 litres on special offer.

The Times January 19, 2007

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