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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Daily Mail catch up with the Woolmer case news

Turn to Page 19 of the Daily Mail and you will find .."Woolmer killed .."after row with crime lord's bookie" .. and relates how the bookie is linked to "one of India's most notorious godfather's " and then names his as Dawood Ibrahaim the first time his name has surfaced in the UK press. (Interpol have a red note out for his arrest.)

Those who require their news fresher may have read not only the name of the bookie but a great deal more about the murder of Woolmer which was related to Pakistani match fixing...that the bookie was in fact ....

Khwaja Arif Pappu (Tariq Aziz, President Pervez Musharraf’s aide is a big pal where they are often seen together at Lahore Race Club where Aziz is President on a Sunday), from Lahore, a man never far from the centre of the storm over Pakistani cricket and match fixing is enjoying the West Indian sunshine. There is no (or well, very little, if any, possibly) truth that he has any connection with with gangster Dawood Ibrahim.

Pappu is a much misunderstood man and was an income-tax officer when Aziz served in the country’s Central Board of Revenue. He was later dismissed (totally unreasonably ) for corruption.... mishandling paper-clips etc.,

Pappu is also said to have close contacts with South Africa.
Plus a great deal about Woolmers association with match fixers in SA, Pakistan and India and the criminal nexus of Dawood Ibrahim - whose daughter is married to Oxford educated son of ace match fixer ex Pak captain Javed Miandad.

Which makes a mockery of that toad White from the Guradian saying on newsnight last night when they demonstrated (again) with his help, what a cunt Paul "Semen" Staines AKA Guido Fawkes is. "Bloggers are just commentators, not reporters."

As explaind at the head of the story this was written on the basis of information from personal contacts in Islamabad.

The silence of the press and their uncritical acceptance of the shambles of an enquiry and the assumed innocence of Woolmer is devastating.

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