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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Finn has a fling

Finland had a record warm December yet last week as an incredible frost set in with temperatures of -25 to -35, national electricity consumption rose to the highest level ever of 15,000 Megawatts.

Probably because everyone in Finland had the bedside light on reading Pääministerin morsian (Prime Minister's Bride) by divorcee mother of two Susan Kuronen (pic left), the kiss 'n' tell memoirs of Prime Minister Matti Vanharen's (now ex) girlfriend.

After the father of two's marriage split up, he met her in IKEA (he helped her lift something heavy off a shelf) and had a 9 month fling.

The book tells of their steamy passions - complete with all their texts which the Finish Data protection Athorities didn't cut.....

Kurosen kirjaprojekti herättää kiinnostusta myös ulkomailla. Venäjän uutistoimistot julkaisivat referaatteja kirjan sisällöstä ja myös Ruotsissa aihe nousi laajalti esille. Iltapäivälehti Expressen kertoi lauantaina aukeaman laajuisessa jutussaan Matti Vanhasen ja Susan Kurosen petipuuhista sekä kirjan aiheuttamasta kohusta. Ojalan mukaan myös valtakunnan turvallisuus ja siihen liittyvät näkökulmat kiinnostavat ulkomaillakin.
Famously it ended when he sent her a text message...

But it hasn't dented the success of the Prime Minister's Centre Party

SDP on Suomen suosituin puolue 23,5 prosentin kannatusosuudella tuoreimman puolueiden kannatusmittauksen mukaan (Suomen Gallup, HS 25.2). Puolueen puheenjohtaja Eero Heinäluoma ei kuitenkaan tunnu saavan puolueensa menestyksestä itselleen minkäänlaista nostetta. Iltalehden pääministerikyselyn valossa SDP:n äänestäjätkin ovat jo hylkäämässä hänet.

...and has boosted his own popularity - even if in a land of drunks the 52 year old Lothario is a rabid teetotaller serving only non-alcoholic drinks to visitors. New laws have forbidden the sale of alcohol before 9 am and all alcohol must be labelled with a warning.

Things are looking good according to the latest polls ....

Edellisessä kyselyssä SDP:tä eduskuntavaaleissa äänestävistä vastaajista 48 prosenttia ilmoitti pääministerisuosikikseen Heinäluoman. Nyt enää 34 prosenttia demariäänestäjistä luotti häneen, ja lähes puolet (45 prosenttia) näkisi pääministerin tuolilla mieluummin keskustan Matti Vanhasen.

Anyway Verhanen's fame has spread, because Jacques Chirac called him the "sexiest man in the world ", early last year when he was chairing the EU, (and it appears, also doing the 2 backed beast with the Pääministerin fuckbuddy ).

Anyway, like all good things it came to an end and he ended it with a text message to her
....Kansa tahtoo närkästyä lisää Kurosesta ja media antaa.
Bit abrupt don't you think?

Well she did and here is a video on You Tube by Ubercull that explains it all in graphic(!) detail.

The Finns vote today and everyone expects another in the endless series of coalitions with Matti back in office. (Heinäluoman is the Social Democrat PM candidate)

My close friend glamorous socialite, MEP Eija-Riita Korhola tells me however that The PM is now making the 2 backed beast again, this time with Green MP Merikukka Forsius 35, ex wife (1 year - which produced Dan) of Hjaliis "Harry" Harkimo owner of the Helsinki Jokers ice hocket team. (Apparently Merikukka is the Finnish name for "sea Anemone" this is her pic)

Few will forget of course his overnight dalliance with Ex Miss Finland , MP of his own Centre party , Tanja Saarela at a party conference in Tampere.(Pic in jeans top right)... all a "misunderstanding" if memory serves me right.

Anyone remember another diffident, bespectacled Prime Minister who fucked one of his MP's ?... but she wasn't in the same league as these Pääministerin fuckbuddies... like ..say...Lady Amos

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