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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ralph and the Six Mile Ho'

Blond, 38 year old part time stewardess Lisa Robertson only had eyes for film star Ralph Fiennes as he settled himself in seat K2 on Quantas QF 123, for the 9 hour flight out of Darwin for Mumbai late in January this year.

After breaking company rules and sharing a crew jump seat, they then shared a toilet some for some unprotected and no doubt uncomfortable sex in the toilet. They then shared a more comfortable hotel bed in India for more protracted (and protected) action .

Which is just as well for Ralph tells us, that Ms Robertson, 38, has now been fingered as a worker at the Sydney brothel "Stiletto" and that after being sacked by Quantas she had to take up an extra shift at another brothel "The Gateway Club" to help pay the rent. She used the alias "Skye". Ho.Ho.Ho.

The Stiletto is a brothel on Paramatta Road Camperdown, (and has a very stylish website) owned by Eddie "The Prince" Hayson - Oz's most famous gambler and Sydney underworld figure and convicted drug importer, Harry Lahood.

Ms. Robertson is registered bankrupt after racking up A$500,000 in legal bills after losing a negligence case brought by her previous employers. The Police.

Meanwhile only last week Ralph was upsetting the staff and visitors of the Hotel Tuilerieen in Bruges frolicking buck nekked in the hotel pool with four undressed female companions. Bruges has of course awonderful nearly nekked Pieta in the Cathedral by Michaelangelo. (no relation)

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sydney brothels review said...

Quite a few had mentioned she did indeed work there. No joke.

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