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Monday, March 19, 2007

Perlos - Moving out and Moving on

Perlos, The Finnish manufacturer of plastic components of mobile telephones and other consumer electroinc equipment , is closing all manufacturing in Finland in September and 1,104 Perlos employees will lose their jobs. Only 200 staff will be left in Finland in technical support and marketing, at the Vantaa head offices, Ylöjärvi, and Turku. The shutdown will cost Eur 35-40 Mn.

Perlos currently has 3 factories in China - 2 in Beijing and 1 in Guangzhou, it also manufactures injection moulds in Shenzhen.

Perlos is currently building a new plant in Guangzhou, as well as a new factory in Chennai, in India. At the end of 2006 it employed a total of 7,612 people in Asia.

Perlos has a plants in Komarom, Hungary, and a product planning centre in the Swedish city of Lund. At the end of 2006 it employed a total of 4,207 in Europe including those in Finland.

Perlos has factories in Reynosa, Mexico, and Manaus, Brazil. At the end of 2006, it employed 1,123 people in North and South America.

This dramatic action is a direct consequence of seeing turnover in Q4 2006 slump from Eur 200 Mn. in 2005 to Euro 140 Mn. in 2006 with profits halved from Eur 21.2 Mn in 2005 but with non -recurring losses of closure and operating loss for the year of Euro 11/12 Mn.

This exemplifies the breathtaking speed of industrial change said Minister of Trade and Industry Mauri Pekkarinen ..

"when producers of components tend to move more quickly than before to where their main customers are located, no matter how much Finnish authorities try to improve the conditions of their operations at home."
Object lessons galore here for the Globalisers in Gubment.. the pic ? That's from the Careers section of the Perlos website.


Anonymous said...

Was there a post removed that related to Ireland ?

Shutter said...

Not that our vast technical staff are aware of... but if you know better let us know.zooziz on a thing called gmail hits the G spot of our digital wizards.

Whilst we continually edit posts, to improve (?), update etc., we have never removed any post.

Shutter said...

Checked again - did you mean 9/3 about the new Ombudsman enquiry ? That's OK for us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking . I thought you had a post about Evans of MI5 and Kevin Fulton's claims re: the purchasing of infra-red technology in New York that was later used in the killing of Collen McMurray ...so it is related to that story as the ombudsman is looking at that case too. But I think I sort of mixed your voice in and mis-remembered where I had read it. Have googled and it's not showing as here, but then you had some google "issues" I seem to recall? I just had in my memory your tone if you know what I mean.

sam_m said...

@anon - Maybe you read "Fulton then travelled to the US and helped develop light-sensitive bombs, activated by photographic flashes.." at Prison Planet

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