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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Dodgy Dossier - The Truth, the Whole Truth by Chris Ames

The World Wide Web is a wonderful creation. Chris Ames ' work exemplifies the way it should work. Beavering away diligently and with immense industry he has produced "Iraq Dossier" which is a website ....

" dedicated to telling the truth about the British government's September 2002 dossier Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction - that it was, after all, "sexed-up" by the government's spin doctors. "
You can read more of the website's genesis in two aricles he has published on March 1st.

1. An important day for truth seekers John Bright lends him his New Statesman blog to explain his odyssey through the mountains of published documents and those he has retrieved through FOI applications.

2. Draft dodging at the Guradian's comment is free explains the latest tussle in the saga he has had with information commissioner allowing the release of the secret (and final revelation about the 45 minutes) first draft of the Dodgy Dossier by ex Foreign Office spin doctor John Williams. (Officially John Wiliams was Director of Communications at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The core of the argument, the truth that nails the lies of Scarlett, JIC, Blair, Campbell,Williams - see pic , et al is Who wrote the dossier?

"Although the government still insists that the dossier was the work of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) and/or its chairman John Scarlett, the truth is that four government spin doctors were on the inside of the drafting process. The took part in the actual drafting the dossier and the oversight meetings. It has now been established that one of them - John Williams of the Foreign Office - produced the first full draft. The claim that the JIC wrote and approved the dossier is a fabrication."

The Dossier appeared in late September 2002, but on February 26th 2003 Tony Blair received an open letter published in Counterpunch

As everyone knows, Saddam has no weapons of mass destruction (i.e gas, biological nor the means of delivery outside Iraq) , all military forces in NATO and UN also know such weapons have limited lethality or use in the battlefield.

Iraq has not and is unlikely to have nuclear weapons or means of delivery in foreseeable future.

Nobody gives a shit about Iraqi people--expendable as, Ruandans, Matabele that Mugabe slaughtered (with North Korean mercenary help) in 1,000's, everyone stood back whilst millions of people lost lives in Iran/Iraq war.

So, not everybody was fooled, but the illegal invasion went ahead anyway. Chris Ames' combined Concordance, exegisis, library, and analysis is exemplary and proves with meticulous detail what a lying cunt Alastair Campbell was/is. and probably always will be... although he was but a servant of his masters who wanted the British Public Support for Uncle Sam and his crazed Zionist neo-con Middle East hegemony served up on a plate.

Both he and Scarlett did it magnificently, and received temporary respite when the Friends of the Dame Pauline Neville Jones Fan club had Dr Kelly murdered when the temperature in the kitchen rose too much.

Go to the website , read it , probably the most fascinating thing is to see how these people converse with each other ... although given the extent of their venery they are probably a little more circumspect nowadays. They have, however the same malign intent and contempt for the democratic process .. it goes on daily... nuclear power bulldozed through etc.,

The problem is of course, without traction in the MSM these stories ...see the BBC remarkable prescience in identifying buildings falling 20 odd minutes before they do on 9/11.. these stories simply fade away. "Twas long ago, and far away, and besides the whore is dead"

John Williams has set up with Pat Barrie a colleague from the FCO days West One Communications wich is a "full media and communications service," and offers (amongst much else ) ..."how to identify, isolate and resolve your problem, and build long-term credibility" ... he sounds like an expert in such matters.

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