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Friday, April 06, 2007

7.7 bombers supporters to get fair trial

The Daily Torygraph today reports on the arrest of 3 men from Leeds under the low key headline 'Terror plot to blow up tourist attractions' by Duncan Gardham, which he starts with the sensational news .."The July 7 bombers planned to attack Big Ben, the London Eye and other tourist attractions" (also helpfully provide a picture of both - see pic) and also reveals but fails to provide a source ...

"Detectives have pieced together hundreds of hours of CCTV footage showing the suicide attackers and their alleged accomplices conducting reconnaissance of London landmarks and the Underground system.

They have also used mobile phone evidence to plot their movements."
Which is curious because the paper provides elsewhere, a complete statement from the Sphincter of the Yard Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke, head of the MPS Counter Terrorism Command.. without a mention of mobile phones, CCTV , Big Ben .. the London Eye ... although he did say..

"Of course, now that legal proceedings are under way, I am strictly limited as to what I can say. The public will no doubt find this frustrating, as do I."
So is Mr Gardham making this up ? Was it inserted by a mischeivous sub-editor? Did a Plod provide the information ? Shirley not because he would like his Boss ...

now that legal proceedings are under way, I(he would) am strictly limited as to what I can (he could) say.
Perhaps someone in the Metropolitan Police should ask Mr Gardham where he gets his information from ? The Editor might also ask some searching questions as well. Wouldn't want the Truth or Accuracy of Torygraph reports to be questioned.

Of course Mr G is not alone Mike Sullivan in the Sun repeats those stories but adds that THE 7/7 suicide bombers were planning a murderous attack on the QUEEN ... and helpfully provides a photograph of Buckingham Palace and HRH.

Charlotte Gill in the Daily Mail has curiously got the same stories "7/7 bombers plotted to blow up Big Ben and the Palace" but a smarter girl, he has them in one headline.

The Daily Express manages to get both magic revelations as well

"The July 7 suicide bombers allegedly plotted to massacre tourists at major attractions including Buck­ing­ham Palace. ..Crowds milling around Trafalgar Square, the London Eye and near Big Ben are also said (by whom ?)to have been targets."
What do they do with the news ... Make it up ?

UPDATE - Friday afternoon. Evidently given the coherent and detailed messages these journalists received, this is clearly a case of paranormal comunication. It will be interesting to see if these powerful forces can be transmitted across the Atlantic or even further to journalists in the USA who can convince their editors.

An Associated Press story (Google 252 stories)is widely syndicated in the US which has the astonishing revelation
"For the first time, British authorities alleged that the plot's targets might have included tourist attractions." (eg LA Times)

So why didn't the UK journo's say the "UK authorities" were the source ... but then can you trust Yanqui imperialist journo's?

Please report any further sightings.

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Anonymous said...

Stories like these remind me of Gödel and the pre-internet days ... it wasn't possible to prove a system from within a system ...

now not only is it possible, the old tatty system is transparent and hence, laughable. The sorrow is that not everyone can see it.

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