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Friday, April 06, 2007

Peter Clarke the Sphincter of the Yard- needs your help

The immobile features of the expressionless **** Peter Clarke the Sphincter of the Yard disclosed yesterday....

"Our aim was quite simple....Who encouraged the bombers? Who supported them? Who helped them?"he went on to explain that their investigations involved some 19,000 leads and more than 15,000 statements being taken.

Which is curious, as letters addressed to
Peter Clarke CVO QPM LL.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Anti-Terrorist Branch
New Scotland Yard

....suggesting lines of enquiry - such that the "bombers" were duped drug carriers, or that osmium teroxide is NOT a chemical of concern, that only one person in the UK has ever died of ricin (and that by a hypodermic injection of a very pure chemical inserted in a rare metal carrier bolus), and does not represent a threat as a poison for biological warfare, remain unanswered and evidently ignored....but he must be a busy man.

There is not a shred of evidence that the Met have made the slightest attempt to interview or seek the assistance of any of the industrious, 7/7 researchers, who have assembled a large body of knowledge about the event.

With no thanks or even reference to the work and doggedness of Bridget Dunne John Reid did finally acept that the Police accounts that the bombers left Luton on a train that didn't exist were wrong (Full details here at J7 Truth website). Which were explained by the Police that the information that was used in the "Timeline" came from ...The Home Office, which when last checked the Met were still part of. (Although that is due for a change).

John Reids acceptance of the revised (7.25 not 7.40 ) departure time(BBC story**) is however no explanation how the famous picture of the 4 "bombers" entering Luton Station, three minutes earlier , bought their tickets and caught the train, nor how they arrrived in London too late to catch the trains that were bombed.

Plod needs help. Please write to him.

** According to the BBC story "Mr Reid said the discrepancy came to light at the end of last week, when police pointed out the inaccuracy." although of course the blogosphere had been full of the detailed information derived from public sources.

**** Dear old Peter did once show us his lunch bucket however - presumably to show his mum he had gobbled it all up. Love his range of ties... and that knot !


Bridget Dunne said...

Hi Postie

The Home Office have twice extended the reply date to various FOI requests from the July 7th Truth Campaign including this one:

We asked when the Home Secretary will be explaining how the error in the
train time occurred, you responded:

3: As it is an internal police document it is not designed for

We appreciate that the document may not be published. We are asking for
an explanation of how the error occurred, now that you have the police
document to explain this.

We are also concerned that the Official Report claims:

07.15: Lindsay, Hussain, Tanweer and Khan enter Luton station and go
through the ticket barriers together.

Yet the only CCTV image published of the 4 together, to date, shows them
entering Luton station at 7.21.54.

We therefore make the following FOI requests:

1. Could you please clarify whether the 4 entered Luton station at 7.15
or 07.21.54.

2. Now that the internal police document explaining the discrepancy in
the time the train left Luton has been made available to the Home
Secretary, could we now have an explanation of how this error occurred.


The July 7th Truth Campaign

Will the HO meet the new response date set for April 9th or will this information be considered sub judice. We'll see.

Shutter said...

By supplying the address it might encourage some to write direct to him to provide him with advice.... perhaps say, about the curious coverage in the newspapers today about his press conference. Is this a case of para normal thought transfer ?

"I only wish that I could share with you the extent of what we have discovered, but I cannot. That must wait for the trial of those who have been charged or any others who may be charged in the future."


septicisle. said...

So, err, if the bombers were duped into thinking they were carrying drugs, why did two of them make martyrdom videos?

Shutter said...

Good point, but please provide more information about the editing of the fillum we have been allowed to see, source,location, how it was found, by whom, when did Plod receive/find it ? etc.,

The fillums can be interpreted almost any way you want but in no way represent the stereotypical versions that circulate like comics.

The duped drug runners is a theory that fits lots of facts, to believe these guys were fundamentalist jihadists doesn't accord with what the street says in Leeds / Bradford / Rochdale / Blackburn - have you wide experience on meeting those sort of people with personal knowledge of the famous 4 ?

To date there is no unified field theory. Personally the Powell story is simply an egostistical ex cop mouthing off and drumming up bizniz. But not to others.

Simply the fillums (or at least very brief extracts) are neither plausiable nor credible.

Clarke was written to with the intention of assisting in the eqnuiries. Evidently not all information gets the same treatment.

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