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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

DANGER : real terrists at work in UK

It would be unreasonable to describe Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke of the Metropolitan Police "The Sphincter of the Yard" as the "Dumbest PC in Britain", as he would be up against some fairly stiff opposition. Last night we were told early this morning by Jim Naughtie on BBC Radio 4 "Today" program that Mr Clarke chose his words carefully (Ho.Ho.Ho.) when he said that there were a "small number of misguided individuals who betray confidences".

By doing so, they had compromised investigations, revealed sources of ife-saving intelligence and "put lives at risk" during major investigations... these people were ""beneath contempt".

By a simple oversight no doubt he forgot to mention that these headline remarks were made at a meeting of the Policy Exchange - a charity, which describes itself as a think tank.

Oddly this think tank ahd nit advertised Mr Clarke's speech nor reported it. However one may get a flavour of their political orientation by their list of recent speakers, Micahel Gove MP and George Oborne MP who share a common desire to attache themselves tro the fundament of Conservative Party Leader David Cameron MP (of whom more later). Ex Conservative Party leader Willima Hague has addressed the Policy Exchange, as has Rupert Murdoch's "thing" and hence trusted henchman who is oft seen visiting Downing Street (both No 10 and 11) , Daniel Finkelstein is another Right Wing smooth operator. To represent the military Mark Urban "Myth" and Sir Rupert Smith (Ex Deputy Supreme Allied Commander )had a public chat recently discussing the The Limitations of Modern Warfare.

Whilst they would all be seen as fully paid up members of the Lady Dame Pauline Neville Jones Fan Club readers will be very familiar with their very regular appearances on BBC2 "Newsnight"

The Policy Exchange is a rather small venue and can handle 60 peope with drinkie poos - the "The Sphincter of the Yard" is not a big ticket and readers might guess the audience for his witty apercus on the state of terrism as practised in the UK. 3 ? 33 ? 333? ..Phone our Hotline telephone number with your guess answer.

Of course this unremarkable brief and uninformative contribution was merely a device - the real action came in the House of Commons at Prime Minister's Question Time (12.00)when David Cameron having detached Gove and Oborne from his nether regions challenged the Prime Minister (still it appears Tony Blair) to have an enquiry to discover these "leakers", Tony Blair obliged and refused and David blew hard chuntered on and sat down.

If Tony won't have an inquiry into why 54 people were killed and 120 injured when 4 bombs blew up on 7/7/2005 he is not going to start running round finding out who at N0 10 rang up the Evening Standard to blow the gaff on Operation Gamble.

Remarkably BBC4 News at One (One o clock - ie 1 hour earlier) managed to spend 10 minutes on the pointless parliamentary posing and arrange an interview with yet another ex Tory MP in the story Mr Michael Howard and Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrat terrist.

It is quite evident that the stupid, ill educated, neanderthal Clarke (pic with his lunch bucket) remains in his position merely as a foil - that this stumbling, bumbling fool who has masterminded the greatest series of disaters in apprehending "terrists" is still in office, confirms that he is merely there to prevent any serious examination of how the public are educated to live with a threat of terrism and effectively conceal exactly what the source and authorship of the "continuing terrist menace " is.

Consider the main points of his disastrous career as a terrist hunter

1 ) Young men are supposed to want to blow up Manchester United - who apparently considered buying tickets for Manchester United v Liverpool were easily traded commodities. Anyone in Manchester knows these things don't exist ...although you may purchase them from 300lb West Indian gentlemen who stroll around Busby Way but you might consider it unwise to ask for your money back when turned away from the turnstile when you disciver your ticket is not quite "kosher"

2) The death of DC Oake, in Crumpsall, Manchester, principally a result of the shanbles of organisation and failed communicationed between the Met and the GMP because nobody told Oakes why he was arresting the men for over 1 hour.

3) Forest Gate, where responding to "sound intelligence ((C) Sphincter of the Yard) 350 policemen stripped three fami;ies of their home, dignity and possessions, shot one of them, allowed the grossest allegations (rape, child porn on computers) to circulate without the slightest evidence - and in the process cost the public purse hundreds of thousands of pounds.

4) The absurdity of allowing the craziest of ideas to circulate about terrist use of Osmium tetroxide.

5) Allowed lies about times of trains used by the 7/7 "bombers" to be circulated in the "timeline" without correction, until the Home Secretary was forced to accept evidence from members of the public who had unearthed the necessary evidence. (he is however, blameless in the de Menezes murder)

6) Made the grossest claims about bomb making on board aircraft from the most unlikely ingredients - which resulted in chaos, delay, enormous cost and dsiprution and the introduction of quite uneccesary rules about hand luggage (observed by no other country)... asa result of which no charges have beenn brought.

7) Charged three men recently with assisting the 7/7 bombers and after making remarks abour not releasing information we found the tabloid press had lurid details of plots to bomb the Quen and Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and the Eye in the Sky.

8) Have allowed US papers to publish the grossest lies about evidence, print pictures which must form official evidence and also print pictures of devices such as nail bombs which are pure fabrications.

9) We await after 29 days deliberation by the jury (even after the judge allowed majority verdicts) and no verdicts have been forthcoming - the longest ever deliberation by a jury. Evidently the evidence produce was incapable of providing a satisfactory case - even after a witness who lied to save his own skin was paraded as a "star witness".

This does not exhaust the crass, stupid, illogical, pointless, mendacious, dishonest, incompetent and hugely expensive efforts of Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke of the Metropolitan Police and his terrist assistants. But it will do for now.


BBC 2 "PM" news program had ten minuted at the head of the news covering this fabriated news item - it also lead the news on the hour. IT appears that BBC journalists in the West Midlands were advised of the "Gamble" raids prior to lifting the suspects by the Police but the London Newsdesks received more information about the alleged plot to kidnap a Muslim serving soldier whilst the raids were in progress.

Apparently 3 of the suspects were never asked about such a plot when interviewed upon release.

Menzies Campbell the Liberal Party leader says the Police should examine the source of the leaks. Investigating leaks from the Police, .... that should raise a smile in the ranks of journalists.


Channel 4 News at 7.0 clock ...rejoice! rejoice! Lady Dame Pauline Neville Jones was asked to comment. She did. She said leaking was terrible.

All in all (we haven't had the piece on newsnight yet) a satisfactory day for the Fan Club. Based on nothinbg more than the idle innuendo of the Sphincter of the Yared we have had demands to the Prime Minister for enquiries, serious commentaries, third rate pols queuing up for a quote ..for what ? simply to notch up the terror alert.

Get ready.. a terror storm is in the works.

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