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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch : Congress hears the lies, deceit, dishonesty and all round PR bullshit.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform , chaired by Senator Henry Waxman D-Calif. , Bush's everpresent gad fly and hopefully his nemesis, is holding hearings today as part of a shocking investigation into misleading information supplied by the U.S. military.

"The government violated its most basic responsibility,The bare minimum we owe our soldiers and their families is the truth," said Waxman when opening the meeting.

Pat Tillman, a pro-football hero, seduced by the drumbeat of patriotism after 9/11 threw up a US$4 Mn contract with Arizona Cardinals and enlisted. he served in Iraq and servived, he survived in Afghanistan and was killed by friendly fire. His brother Kevin told the Congressional Committee that the Bush administration twisted and "invented" the facts of his brother's death to distract public attention from the prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib.

Kevin Tillman, still a serving soldier said the U.S. Army fabricated a story of his brother's heroism in action, knowing he was killed by friendly fire, they constructed not only a story of combat action -- they even awarded him an unearned silver medal with a spurious citation, whose author the Tillman family seek -- they lied about his medical care, saying he was transferred to a field hospital for continued medical care for 90 minutes after the incident, when the back of his head was blown off.

"These are deliberate and calculated lies" and "a deliberate act of deceit," Tillman said and went on to claim that the official Army account of his brother's death in 2004 was "utter fiction…intended to deceive the family and more importantly the American people." and listed the deliberate lies ;

1. That "crucial evidence was destroyed,"
2. The autopsy was "not done according to regulation"
3. Eyewitness testimony "disappeared into thin air."

The reason for this catalogue of deceit was U.S. combat deaths had also been twisted to fit Pentagon public relations needs. In his brother's case, the reason for the manipulation, he said, is that "they shifted the focus from the grotesque abuse of Abu Ghraib to a great American who died a hero's death." They also obstructed enquiries by amany people in every way imaginable.

"Pat wanted to leave a positive legacy," his brother said. Calling his death a tragedy, he said that "the attempt to hijack his virtue is simply horrific" and he asked the committee to find how his brother died and who lied to cover it up. "Anything less than the truth is a betrayal of those values," he said.

Private Jessica Lynch still affected by injuries received in a road accident and who was taken prisoner while in Iraq and rescued by U.S. troops, also testified to how her own story became a fable of feminine heroism under fire . Saying there were real heroes during the fighting -- including her friend, a Hopi soldier named Lori Piestewa who was killed in action, Lynch wondered out loud why U.S. officials hyped her stor y, "why they lied and tried to make me a hero."

She said the public is capable of discerning the truth. "The truth of war is not always easy," she said. "The truth is always more heroic than the hype."

Fasten your seat belts as the lies from 9/11. Saddam's "WMD" and everything else about this dishonest and corrupt alliance of the UK and US Governments is exposed.

It's going to be a bumpy ride. The nation are going to see all this unfold on the six o clock news tonight - Time we had another terrist atrocity somewhere.

PS A suicide car bomber struck a patrol base northeast of Baghdad on Monday and killed nine U.S. soldiers and wounded 20, officials said. Over 40 (at least) Iraqi civilians died during the day and 60 (at least) were seriously injured.

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Stef said...

Fasten your seat belts as the lies from 9/11. Saddam's "WMD" and everything else about this dishonest and corrupt alliance of the UK and US Governments is exposed.

I wish I shared Lord Patel's faith in a system I personally believe to be terminally broke.

For mainstream journalists to report the truth now would be for them to admit that they've merely been repeating a load of insane cock given to them by their handlers and owners.

Sad to say we're more likely to see a few more surprise explosions and a couple more countries invaded before that will ever happen

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