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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More MI5/6/7/8 Plod terrist Islamo Fascist jihadist warriors patsies lifted

Hackney born Trevor Brooks AKA Abu Izadeen coverted to Islam in 1994 and started working life as an electrician.He is said to have acted as a bodyguard for Omar Bakri Mohqammed but now exists on benefits with his wife Mokhtaria with his 3 children.

He first came to the notice of the puzzle palace people when he was involved with Finsbury park Mosque in the 1990's with Omar Bakri Mohammed and Abu al Masri.

The Jamaican background fierce Islamist, probably first entered the public consciousness on 20 September 2006, when he and Anjem Choudary disrupted Home Secretary John Reid's first public meeting in Leyton with Muslims sincebeing appointed Home Secretary, notable he said Reid was an "enemy" of Islam.

"How dare you come to a Muslim area when over 1,000 Muslims have been arrested?" he said. "You are an enemy of Islam and Muslims, you are a tyrant. Shame on all of us for sitting down and listening to him."

Continuing his diatribe, Izzadeen said Mr Reid, Tony Blair and George Bush could "all go to hell"... not unique sentimentys or views restricted to mad mullahs.

Interviewed by the Welsh know all John Humphrys 2 days later on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Abu Izadeen sounded off about the state of Britain and stated his aim was to have the UK become an Islamic state and that this should be achieved without following any democratic process. Recording here

On February 5th this year ITV aired parts a video found on the internet said to have been recorded in June 2004 of him preaching at regents Park Mosque in London, with a call to murder British and American Muslim soldiers:

"Whoever allies himself with the Kaffirs against the believers - he is one of them. So those so-called enemies to Allah who join the British Government - 'cos remember the British Government, my dear Muslim brothers, are crusaders... crusaders come to kill and rape Muslims. Whoever joins them - he who joins the British Army, the American Army, he is a mortal kaffir and his only hukum (punishment) is for his head to be removed. Indeed, whoever changes his deen (religious way of life); kill him."

On February 8th ,Abu Izzadeen, 31, was held in Leyton High Road, east London, under Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006. Scotland Yard said it related to an "on-going inquiry".

It is understood to relate to a speech he gave in the West Midlands area - thought to be Birmingham - last year, long before he heckled Reid in Leyton.

Remarkably today Rupe's Rag the Times today has a lengthy article about Abu Izadeen ..

...."Once a friendly Christian, he now backs the bombers" with the byline of Nicola Woolcock and Sean O’Neill, in which they claim "The Crown Prosecution Service has not ruled out charges against Abu Izzadeen, which may include solicitation to murder and withholding information about acts of terrorism."

They also state that In lectures given last month (date not given) at an unknown London location, Abu Izzadeen said that a war was being fought to make Islamic law “completely dominant” in Britain, and that “all Jews and Christians are going to hell fire”.

He also praised Mullah Omar, the Taleban leader, saying: “This man is a winner.” His lectures, entitled The Christian Crusades parts 1 and 2, describe conflict in the Middle East and Britain as a present-day crusade.

Abu Izzadeen said: “There is a war here [in Britain]. Maybe you don’t have weapons, but there is [sic] arrests against the Muslim community, there is brutality by the police. It is a form of war against the Muslims here as well.” He elicited laughter when he said: “If I said to you we’re going to conquer Rome, or if I said to you, we’re going to kill George Bush and we’re going to kill Tony Blair, you said to me: ‘Which come first bro?’.

They continue to quote extensivly and provide a history of the Saved Sect and lurid details from it's website (The organisation is banned) which is said to carry a "statement from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the commander of al-Qaeda in Iraq." - it also calls for followers to stop following the World Cup because soccer plants the seeds of nationalism, and is therefore part of a 'colonial crusader scheme' to divide Muslims and cause them to stray from the vision of a unified Islamic identity" The Guradian had an article on the Sect July 18th 2006

The security services believe the Saved Sect's website operates in tandem with al-Ghurabaa's website to disseminate an Islamist message under the umbrella of the sect Ahl as-Sunnah wal Jammaa'ah.(we have no idea of the url of either and would welcome details - the previous address http://www.thesavedsect.com/ returns an error message of server not found)
Learn more about the odd David Myatt ***ex Nazi (a founder of the hardline British National Socialist Movement (NSM)) and latterly a Muslim convert (he styles himslef Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt) who is wrapped up / invloved with the Saved Sect here

With great perception (coincidence ? Serendipity ? Police/ MI5/6/7/8/9 tip-off ?)the Times point out that ;

Legislation tightening the Terrorism Act came into force days ago, when it became illegal to glorify or incite terrorism. A Home Office spokeswoman said: “The list of proscribed organisations is kept under constant review. The Terrorism Act 2006 widens the criteria of proscription to include those groups which glorify terrorism. All possible candidates for proscription will be considered against these criteria.”

At between 4am and 6 am this morning Metropolitan Police Terrorist command of Peter Clarke the Sphincter of the Yard arrested Abu Izadeen and five other (as yet un-named) followers of this band of theatrical Islamist happy clappers. presumablt to be charged under the recently activated parts of the Terrorism Act. (5 arrested in London and 1 in Luton)

Is Abu a threat to the stability of the State ? Is he in fact and employee of the more secret army of the State acting as a honeypot to identify more clearly the deranged who seek a new Caliphate ?

One thing is for certain, his crazy antics take up huge amounts of Plod (and others) time, effort and money - leaving many people wondering how he gets access to meetings where the Home Secrtetary can be lengthily and continuously barracked by this comical clown whilst the video cameras roll.

Watch this space.

**** A pamphlet he wrote, A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution, described as a "detailed step-by-step guide for terrorist insurrection,"was said to have inspiredDabvid Copeleand the London nail bomber who left nailbombs in areas frequented by London's black, Asian, and gay communities.

By a curious coincidence Rupes Rag published an article a year ago to the day April 24th 2006
"What the neo-Nazi fanatic did next: switched to Islam - Two faces, two converts - two Muslim extremists in Britain" by the same Nicola Woolcock writing today and Dominic Kennedy.

"Myatt said recently that he had given up hope of a breakthrough by the far Right and believed that Muslims were the best hope for combating Zionism and the West. “There will not be an uprising, a revolution, in any Western nation, by nationalists, racial nationalists, or National Socialists — because these people lack the desire, the motivation, the ethos, to do this and because they do not have the support of even a large minority of their own folk,” he said.

“If these nationalists, or some of them, desire to aid us, to help us . . . they can do the right thing, the honourable thing, and convert, revert, to Islam — accepting the superiority of Islam over and above each and every way of the West.”

Both pictures are of David Myatt in Fascist and Islamist roles.Frightening eh ?

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The Antagonist said...

Arrested again? He was picked up a few weeks back although, perhaps, it's a little more politically expedient to have him arrested in the middle of a bunch of "anti-terror" trials where the juries can't make their minds up to convict, a position that has forced at least one judge to pronounce that he will accept a majority verdict of 10 to 2.

There's a little more on Omar Brooks -- and the world's smallest policeman -- here: If links back to UK or US sources are revealed.

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