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Saturday, May 19, 2007

7/7 Bombers - "5th" bomber goes Free !

"Mr Motala was being given sleeping pills each night, and examined by a doctor each morning before the police interviews began."

It still seems unlikely that the Police can take a citizen from their home, lock them up, interrogate them, on the basis of entirely spurious charges (on suspicion of "commissioning, preparing or instigating acts of terrorism") for which it is quite evident the police had no evidence - they also helpfully provide "sleeping pills". At the same time they would search their homes and possessions and present no evidence of any crime before they do this.

But this is what happened to Imran Motala the cousin of the widow of Mohammad Sidique Khan who is generally described as the leader of the 7/7 "suicide " bombers in 2005, with whom he had some phone conversation in 2005 - which he explained to Plod were about a trip he was planning to Dewsbury, where Sidique Khan lived, after another cousin living there gave birth. While there, he said, he went out night-clubbing, stayed out all night, and Sidique Khan rang his mobile telephone repeatedly to enquire after him.

Fortunately we now have the experience of Imran Motala in the Guradian today, who details to Ian Cobain his time a Paddington Green Police Station where he was evidently viewed as the so called "5th bomber" on the basis of a rucksack allegedly found in the boot of a car (which car) at Luton Railway Station - apparently abandoned by the "gang".

Apparently before being lifted by Plod he had been the subject of (not very) covert surveillance for a year, before being arrested and questioned for seven days.

At Paddington Green in West London it was repeatedly put to him that he not only aided the 7/7 bombers but also that he was destined to have been one himself.

"They didn't just think I had with-held information about the bombings, they thought I was involved, that I was to have been the fifth bomber, (see first comment re the official narrative which says "There is no intelligence to indicate that there was a fifth or further bombers." ) " he said. "They asked me: 'Are you the fifth bomber? Were you meant to be the fifth bomber? Did you bottle out in the end?'" - perhaps they should bring in John Sweeney to take over the questioning - equally unproductive but probably far more entertaining.

Mr Motala says Plod also suspect he was the "unidentified male" who bought the rucksacks which contained the bombs from a Millets store in Leeds six days before the bombings. (There is no publicly available evidence or testimony from anyone outside the West Yorkshire Police of any such a transaction - or indeed that the rucksacks conatining the bombs came from Millet's - which given the prevalence of Fitness First rucksacks in these bombings is not surprising see UPDATE for interesting variant on ricksack buyers)

It was whilst he was in custody that he learned the extent of Police "painstaking" (and hidesously expensive and soaking up scarce police resources) surveillance and investigations over the time since the 7/7 bombing;

1. Both he and members of his family had been followed
2. All of his previous employers had been interviewed
3. He strongly suspects that his family home in the Lozells area of Birmingham was bugged when West Midlands police raided the property last year, ostensibly looking for firearms.
4. While his parents, brother and a sister were being driven by police to a hotel, other officers were looking under floorboards, removing photographs, documents, electrical equipment and even two Hoovers.

Needless to say none of this "painstaking " investigation in this "complex" case (large and complex criminal investigations. - Met) produced a shred of evidence to support any charge - but was arrested along with his cousin Hasina Patel, Mohammad Sidique Khan's widow and her brother Arshad - who were both released with him after 7 days.

Despite the lengthy surveillance operation, no evidence was found that would justify charges against him.

It seems Mr Motala is a bit of a lad and had been dragged from the bed of his girl friend shortly after dawn, from his girlfriend's room at the University of Birmingham Victoria Halls of residence ( Eight unarmed police officers, half of them uniformed - The suspect was not a student and the residence is not owned by the University A silver Peugeot 307 was removed from the scene by police shortly after the arrest.). Meanwhile of course across town the famil house was being raided and the family helpfully moved into a hotel ... Mr Motala is a trained artist, an enthusiastic break dancer, and apparently likes a drink. All which would be known to the Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism command when they arrested him....why ? Well Plod had a "cunning plan" ..or at least they thought that Mr Motala did..

" The police told me they thought my western lifestyle was just a cover," he says. "Once I was at Paddington Green police station, they said: 'It's all there in the training manual for jihad.'"

So the end result is , further alienation from the Muslim communities, increased evidence that they haven't a clue how to conduct enquiries, and a massive waste of scarce public resource ... the insistence on a "5th" bomber has the ring of the insistence that the Yorkshire Ripper was a Geordie ... yeah that was a provincial police force ... my oh! my it was the West Yorkshire Police .. In Rochdale they wait to discover how Mr Castree gets fit up for the Molseed murder on a DNA fit ... after the officers lost all the evidence when poor old Mr Kisko 's case started falling apart ... yes , don't guess ... that's the West Yorkshire Police as well.

Pic - Remember this one ? Allegedly one of the "bombs" found in the "bombers" rucksacks / cars in Luton railway station at some time after and remarkably now this police forensic evidence bears an abc (That's Disney by the way) Copyright tag. This must have been what that "5th" bomber bottled out of ? Thats an acetone peroxide explosive in that bottle by the way , or maybe well ..er .. soemthing else - brave fucking photographer is what I say if it's a preoxide explosive.

UPDATE 19/5/07 8.30 BST

COMMENT No1 is a MUST read... see official narrative "There is no intelligence to indicate that there was a fifth or further bombers."

ALSO Keir points out that the Sunday Mirror 17/7/05 has this story , of a memory less than 10 days old - how very odd !

Shopkeeper Eddie McTiernan of the Alamo sports shop in Wakefield, West Yorks, claimed last night that Hasib Hussain bought the rucksack which contained the explosives that blew up the bus in his shop just 24 hours earlier.

"I'm absolutely 100 per cent sure this man was in my shop," he said. "The only comment I remember him making was: 'That'll do nicely'."

Thanks to Keir on July 7th People's Inquiry Forum

PS - Rooney's goal was a good'un - we woz robbed.


The Antagonist said...

Probably worth noting also that the official Home Office narrative states quite categorically:

There was at the time of the attacks, reports of a “5th bomber”. It was thought, because of witness statements and CCTV, that there was a “5th man” with the group travelling down from Luton. Inquiries showed the individual was a regular commuter and he was eliminated from the inquiry. Also in the period immediately following the attacks, one man was arrested in connection with the investigation but he was released without charge. In subsequent weeks, a further man who had claimed to be the “5th bomber” was also arrested and later charged with wasting police time. There is no intelligence to indicate that there was a fifth or further bombers.

So what are plod doing accusing someone of the being the 5th bomber that the Home Office tells us didn't exist?

Full details of this and other officially acknowledged errors in the government 'narrative' here: Home Office Official 7/7 Account "not fit for purpose"

paul said...

So what are plod doing accusing someone of the being the 5th bomber that the Home Office tells us didn't exist?

Because they have started something they have no idea how to finish. This is the homeland, not an irish or kenyan colony.

Shahid said...

I'm a Liverpool fan and even *i* didn't want Chelsea to win...

I love the "jihad manual" stuff. As if such a thing, were it to exist at all, would be written down!

Everything the gubmnt, plood and sex services do makes it clearer by the day that they want Muslims (even Western, non-practising Muslims) marginalised to support their dirty wars.

When this long war is over, a new enemy will be found. Again.

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish