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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alberto Gonzalez tells lies ... you gotta be kidding ?

Jon Stewart on his Daily Show catches Gonzales lies hypocrisy on McNulty.

Alberto Gonzales, 4/19/07: “Looking back, things that I would have done differently? I think I would have had the Deputy Attorney General more involved, directly involved.”


Alberto Gonzales, 5/15/07: “The recommendations reflected the views of the Deputy Attorney General. He signed off on the names and he would know better than anyone else, anyone else in this room.”(From Think Progress )

Holy shit. Apparently the President of the United States sent his chief of staff and legal counsel to an ICU to convince a drugged-up, pancreatically inflamed John Ashcroft to subvert the constitution.”

Reminds one of the delicious Ruth Turner scurrying to see Labour Party Secretary McCartney dying in an ICU to sign up the necessary documents to sell the elevation of several rich , worthy, decent honest businessmen for peerages. (Who just happened to have loaned the Labour Party the money to fund the election in 2005)

By the Way ..what's the news of John McTiernan since he fucked up over the Scottish elections ?

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