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Saturday, May 05, 2007

BBC 4 Any Answers broadcasts unwelcome truths, exposes state terrorism.

"Any Questions" is a weekly BBC4 program in which a panel of professional politicians and business leaders, a token woman and assorted celebrities answer questions about issues of the week. It is chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby whose brother David Dimbleby also chairs an equivalent TV program "Question Time".

"Any Answers" is a phone in program moderated by David Dimbleby which follows the Saturday repeat of the Friday evening show. Collectively the brothers are known as the Dimblebores.

Today, at 2.25pm a Liam O' Kelly, from Langley in Nottinghamshire took up the need for an independent public enquiry into the events of 7/7 bombings when 56 people were killed in London and hundreds injured. This can be heard by going to the program repeat which remains available for 7 days on the BBC site. Listen here 25 -28 mins in the 30 mins program. Hint : Download to Real Player or similiar, to speed /slow/reverse/ repeat recording. You Tube version of the relevant clip here

This is a transcript of the call.. (25mins - 28 mins)

Liam O'Kelly : Good Afternoon. The more Tony Blair and Reid try to resist a public enquiry the more the public should demand one.

We know the extremes past politicians and MI5 and the Government have gone to to defy to democratic opposition. We know that what Sir John Stevens of the Metropolitan Police Chief and John Stalker said about collusion between MI5 and loyalist terrorists in the murder of UK citizens is true and not only that, but they colluded with Loyalist killers and in one instance paid £80,000 of taxpayers money.

We also know that bomb warnings in the past were ignored for political ends and we also know that the British Government in collusion with the UVF bombed and killed 34 shoppers in Dublin (see pic) and Monaghan (May 17, 1974) ... now as ...

David Dimbleby : (Evidently very agitated)All these things I have to say that is to say all these assertions you are making are fiercely disputed.. can I just bring you back .... we have'nt got time to go into them are fierecely disputed ...
L O'K ..No...

David Dimbleby : .....will you hold it a second
L O'K : ...they are not disputed

David Dimbleby :Well ..er ... The context in which you place them is open to question and the particular way you place them is highly disputed as I am sure you will know is ....

L O'K : No I don't I know that. What I said is true and that what you said is waffle.

David Dimbleby : OK that's fine by me. Are you saying there should be an enquiry ?
L O'K : Absolutely


The Dimblebores are the sons of Richard Dimbleby who was an overweight portentous Reithian BBC man who had an outstanding position as a"the voice of the nation" wheeled out for Royal Funerals, Weddings and State Funerals.

His two sons are the respectable shining face, and mouthpiece of the Lady Dame Jane Pauline Neville Jones Fan Club and can be relied upon to assiduously pursue the establishment line on everything. Quite how Mr Liam O'Kelly, to whom we are all very grateful managed to sneak in his very unwelcome truths is difficult to understand .. one suspects that there was a very lengthy and heated analysis in the glass box after the program to see how such seditious views soiled the domestic airwaves.

It would be good if this exchange were publicised as much as possible and that some kind soul prepares a suitable MP3 clip of the exchange ... a task which defies the technical skills of Patel Towers vast technical staff. ( The result of this request leaves us knee deeep in clips/MP3 s etc., perhaps readers are best directed to the You Tube site here to listen to this historic clip with tasty pictures of the results of UK State terrism visited upon another sovereign state - the Dublin - Monaghan bombings - fascinating historical tidbit, the FCO lawyer who was involved in trying to prevent action by Irish citizens against the UK State was Mrs Wilmshurst - (who famously resigned over the illegal invasion of Iraq) Many, many thanks to everyone - you know who you are.

Mr Liam O'Kelly wherever you may be ... many, many congratulations. Keep it up. Truth is magnificent and it shall prevail.


Stef said...

Now how did that call get past the screening process?

Marvelous stuff

Stef said...

Will this do?


Jenny said...

Stef (and Postman Patel) Brilliant! Thanks.

I wonder exactly how many people in Britain DON'T want an equiry. And how many do want an enquiry.

What do I think about British democracy? It would be a good idea.

Stef said...

"... the context in which you place them is open to question and the particular way you place them is highly disputed as I am sure you will know is ..."


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