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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BP chief and ex-boyfriend: full text of judgment - Dramatis Personae

Rupe's Rag The Times publishes the full judgement in the case in which Lord Browne sought to injunct the Mail On Sunday from publishing the intimate memoirs of his rent boy... here is an ineteresting section ... read on. (Pic PM & Bobby)

21: There were a number of categories listed in the confidential schedule attached to the 6 January order:

i) Business plans and ideas or potential business plans and ideas of the Claimant or any company with which the Claimant is or has been involved including BP where the Claimant is currently Group Chief Executive;

ii) The Claimant’s relationships with colleagues at BP;

iii) Discussions about business ideas between the Claimant and Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer; (M'Lord was Chairman, Advisory Board, Apax Partners)

iv) Discussions at private and/or confidential meetings or dinner between the Claimant and Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and others;(Tony Blair is Prime Minister)

v) The Claimant’s personal relationships with any other individual or individuals;

vi) Information relating to the Claimant’s private investments and properties – for example the purported information that:

a) The Claimant discussed with the government/Tony Blair/Gordon Brown the prospect of BP potentially taking an important strategic decision.

b) The Claimant discussed with Gordon Brown the possibility of a scheme for the benefit of BP’s customers and Gordon Brown opposed the idea.

c) There was a dinner with the Claimant and Tony Blair which a woman called Ms Hunter had organised on 8 June 2005 and at that dinner Tony Blair discussed life after government and aspects of his own character. ( The person called Ms Hunter may be childhood friend of the Prime Minister who when she ceased working with him on November 8th 2001 and went to work as the energy group BP's ("Blairs Petroleum") director of communications on an estimated £180,000 a year. She is now Mrs Adam Boulton )

d) There was another dinner with the Claimant, Mr Chevalier, Ms Hunter, Peter Mandelson and the latter’s Brazilian boyfriend at the time (referred to as “Reinaldo”), which was held at one of the Claimant’s homes, and at which they discussed European Union policy and Chinese textile quotas.

e) There was another dinner with Peter Mandelson at which Mr Chevalier was present, but Peter Mandelson’s boyfriend was not, at which Peter Mandelson made certain observations.

f) Allegations about remarks supposedly made by the Claimant about colleagues in BP.

g) The Claimant bought a flat in Venice several years ago and used the same agent to buy it as had Mr and Mrs David Beckham. Builders who had conducted renovation works presented him with two bills, one of which did not include VAT. The Claimant allegedly paid cash for that bill and “dodged” his tax bill (strongly denied by him).

h) [The circumstances in which the Claimant and Mr Chevalier met]

i) The Claimant did not wish certain aspects of his private life to be revealed as he thinks it will reflect badly on BP and its brand.

j) Mr Chevalier and the Claimant had a dispute about certain valuable items of personal property following their break up.

k) The Claimant paid for Mr Chevalier’s studies at university.

l) The Claimant paid Mr Chevalier a large sum of money over a four year period.

m) The Claimant and Mr Chevalier stayed at a well known entertainer’s flat in Venice in 2005.

n) While he was watching a programme on television, the Claimant jumped up and made an observation about his personal investment strategy.

o) On the two occasions when the Claimant visited Colonel Gadaffi in Libya he was accompanied by a secret service agent or a former secret service agent.

The allegations which the newspaper now wishes to publish

Read on .... what can all this mean ? Oddly Alastair Campbells name does not appear ... well it hasn't done so far.

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