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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Washington hi-jinks and low life to be exposed

It appears that when the Washington Post uses the terms "sensible heels" in article about Madame Palfrey it merely refers to her footwear when she was required to appear in court this week.

Talking of heels R. Bruce McLean, the chairman of blue chip law firm, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, said they had placed a legal secretary on administrative leave yesterday because , apparently in in violation of a policy barring employees from holding second jobs. She told her bosses on Monday she moonlighted for Palfrey's escort service for "spa money," according to ABC's Web site. This also included using her e-mail account at the firm to correspond with Mrs Palfrey and helped her run the business end Pamela Martin and Associates, as well as servicing clients.

As Vernon E. Jordan Jr., 72, former chairman of the Clinton Presidential Transition Team is a senior partner in the Washington office, the firm must have a deep and wide experience of
the knotty problems of people who cannot keep their mind on the job .. er ... in hand.

Those with a long memory will remember Jordan helped Monica Lewinsky find a job, referring her to Revlon and another company where he serves on the board of directors - after having been asked to by Clinton's personal secretary Bettie Curry. He also had what appears to to be a memorable/unmemorable breakfast with Monica on New Year's Eve 1977 at the Park Hyatt Hotel, where Jordan often eats in the morning. He definitely did remember that he did not tell the former White House intern during their meal that she should go home and destroy any copies or drafts of notes she had sent Clinton that might establish their affair. Which was odd because 5 months previously she had testified that he told her, "Go home and make sure they're not there," he told her, according to her testimony. Lewinsky said she understood that to mean she should destroy the notes and she went home and discarded about 50 draft missives.

At first he denied this meeting but when confronted with a credit card receipt showing that he paid $39.55 for a fruit plate, fruit yogurt, cereal and English muffin on that date, he did say that while he did not remember that encounter when first asked last year, he had come to recall it since reading Lewinsky's subsequent testimony.

He was however anxious to portray his integrity and did admit in close questioning that, "I gave her a ride in my chauffeur-driven Akin Gump car."

If the question of sex with clients arises Jordan could be ahandy guy to have on board because few will forget the exchange reported to the grand Jury on March 3rd 1998

And I put the question to him. And he said –

Q: What was the question you asked?

A: "Mr. President, have you had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky?" The President said, "No, never."

Which is just as well because that was the same answer he got when he asked Monica Lewsinky the same day ...and went on to clarify what he meant in cross examination..

Q: So in your mind when you asked her if she had sexual relations, you meant solely did she have sexual intercourse with him?

A: Yes, I meant sexual intercourse, period.

Must have been a memorable day that, not everyone, even a lawyer at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, gets the chance to ask the President of the worlds most powerful nation and a college intern if they have been making the two backed beast. Of course he failed to ask either or both of them if she'd sucked his cock or if he'd ejaculated over her pretty little blue dress - probably a bit over excited. Good job that Ringo Starr remembered to.

Apparently says the august Bruce McLean, the lady in question in the Palfrey case, hadn't sought approval for that particular job, and would not have been given it if she had asked. No mention of her running a legal, exotic fantasy sex service and on demand massage service using the firms time and systems. The lady in question , who so far remains un-named, but has a legal representative, the exotically named Athan Tsimpedes (1420 New York Ave., NW. Washington, DC 20005), who says his client is a Government witness.

ABC "20/20" at 10 p.m. EDT.

..was a damp squib if these reports are anything to go buy Here and Here

PS Update . Nice to report that the Dallas office of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld logged in to the read this post n Saturday lunchtime - Howdy folks!

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