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Friday, June 01, 2007

Alan Johnston Video - Free Abu Qatada - Free Alan Johnston

This has to be good news - from the al-Ekhlaas website... although there will be people in the Dame Jane Pauline Neville Jones Fan Club bemerding their trousers at what he has to say and apportioning blame, for Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan - this will agitate the ordure in the Corridors of Power.The BBC report that in a statement, the Foreign Office said: "We condemn the release of videos like this, which can only add to the distress of Alan Johnston's family and friends." Elsewhere on the complete tape which is not yet available the Army of Islam demand the release of Abu Qatada, a Palestinian-born Islamic cleric who is suspected of close links to al-Qaeda and is currently held by the UK government as a threat to national security. Also see abc news report

When the video was recorded is unclear, but he looks healthy, and not drugged, beaten up and his mind and voice/eyes are clear.

Another version of the Alan Johnston video is available on You Tube here

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septicisle. said...

Full video is available here: http://clearinghouse.infovlad.net/showthread.php?t=7280

There's not really much more to it than what the BBC have put up anyway. This group, despite all the jihadist elements to it, is almost certainly more out for money than the release of Abu Qutada. Hopefully he'll be released soon, once Hamas or Fatah finally get their act together.

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