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Friday, June 01, 2007

The Death of Civilisation - led it appears by Ronald Plasterk, Dutch Minister of Education, Science and Culture

In the dying minutes of the Dutch, "The Big Donorshow" it was revealed to the gawping and brain dead couch potatoes watching, that this much publicised and criticised "reality television show", in which a supposedly dying woman had to pick one of 3 eager and terminally ill "contestants" to whom she would donate a kidney, was revealed as an cheap and nasty publicity stunt (the term used by the programme makers was "an elaborate hoax ") .

It simply demonstrates the intellectual nullity of the morons who make "reality television", the gullibility of the bovine and credulous masses who feed on this pap and the incurious and dishonest journalists who willingly broadcast this supposed entertainment.

Dutch Minister of Education, Science and Culture Ronald Plasterk hailed the show as a "fantastic stunt" and an intelligent way to draw attention to the shortage of donor organs.

If this is the way that Governments have to educate and inform ,it suggests that the educational system is producing a sub class of people to whom rational debate, and honest discussion is beyond their ability.

It will of course help to generate even more anxiety amongst those who need organs and upon whom the amoral and dishonest medical services prey and profit.

Presumably public hangings where contestants compete to pull the lever are in the works.

It was only on the 22nd February that Ronald Plasterk succeeded Maria van der Hoeven as Minister of Education, Science and Culture who advocated Intelligent design to be taught in Dutch Schools He is a highly regarded developmental geneticist with with a string of academic posts and is a Professor at Utrecht University leading a team who are doing leading work in studying microRNA's.

He has a column in the Dutch paper de Volkskrant who report with some jubilation this stupidity. "Het BNN programma de Grote Donor Show is een promotiestunt om meer donoren te werven." - the BNN programme "The Great Donor Show" is a promotion stunt more bring in organ donors.

Simply apalling...acting as a fine counterpoint to the mawkishness and emotional kitsch of the McCann Caravanserai.

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