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Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Dodgy Dossier" authorship disclosures reveal lies told to Hutton and Butler enquiries by Sir John Scarlett and others.

Lord Patel reported on March 3rd 2007, how Chris Ames had worked diligently to produce the "Iraq Dossier" which is a website ....

" dedicated to telling the truth about the British government's September 2002 dossier Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction - that it was, after all, "sexed-up" by the government's spin doctors. "
Ames goes on in exquisite, clear, authoritative detail how the true authorship of the "dodgy dossier" was other than that claimed at both the Hutton and Butler whitewashes enquiries.

"Although the government still insists that the dossier was the work of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) and/or its chairman Sir John Scarlett,(pic of Sir John) the truth is that four government spin doctors were on the inside of the drafting process. The took part in the actual drafting the dossier and the oversight meetings. It has now been established that one of them - John Williams of the Foreign Office - produced the first full draft. The claim that the JIC wrote and approved the dossier is a fabrication."
A small footnote and confirmation can be found in a story - "Iraq dossier penned by ex-Standard reporter" on Jun 21 2007 at ic-Kent newspapers online in an "Exclusive report" by Mark Dearn.

Tory MP for Billericay John Baron publicly named ex-Standard reporter John Williams as the man responsible for one version of the 50-page dossier, and not intelligence chiefs, as had been previously thought.

Mr Baron said Mr Williams, then director of news at the Foreign Office, wrote a draft which was then sent on to Sir John Scarlett, chairman of the joint intelligence committee, who wrote the final version the day after.... resulting in this .. a pic from Day 1 of the invasion.

However, Foreign Office apparatchik and Margaret Beckett's rubbing rag, media "Rentagob" Kim Howells says the dossier was not based on the Williams draft, which he claims was "already redundant".

Mr Baron said his evidence showed "spin doctors" worked on the dossier and that it was "sexed up", contradicting the findings of the Hutton and Butler inquiries. (i.e in plain language exposing the lies)

Mr Williams worked at the Medway Standard from 1973 to 1977, working under editor Gerald Hinks. He did his professional training at the newspaper.

After leaving the newspaper, then known as the Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham News, Mr Williams went on to be political correspondent at the London Evening Standard, and then political editor at the Daily Mirror before becoming the Foreign Office's director of communications in 2001. He now runs his own company, West One Communications.

The Foreign Office are noticeably reluctant to disclose Mr Williams "draft" dossier so that we may make a reasonable comparison of the contents of both - which only confirms the view that it's publication would confirm the claims of Chris Ames and John Baron. - and many others.

No doubt further discreditable revelations will appear as Blair heads off to the horizon - it would certainly interesting if the (now ex) Attorney General and lying Scouse bastard, Lord Goldstone decided to reveal exactly what advice he gave about the legality of the Iraq invasion and why, and why exactly the BAE corruption enquiries were so brutally terminated.

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