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Thursday, June 07, 2007

RSPB & ASDA bring you the birdbrains - who don't know their birds from their bees

In the absence of a handy sauce bottle label to read, a copy of the ASDA House magazine for June 2007 fell open at a double page spread pages 22-23

Asda (the UK arm of the world's biggest retailer Wal-Mart) have "teamed up with the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) " to promote "bird friendly farms".

Facts about the RSPB - from their website

* Over a million members, including nearly 150,000 youth members.
* A staff of over 1,300 people and over 13,000 volunteers.
* An income of over £50 million per year.
* 200 nature reserves covering 130,000 hectares home to 80% of our rarest or most threatened bird species.
* A UK headquarters, three national offices and nine regional offices.
* A local network of 175 local groups and more than 110 youth groups.
* At least 9 volunteers for every paid member of staff.

If you want to know which UK bird species pollinate plants - including food producing crops you should perhaps call RSPB Wildlife enquiries Hotline : 01767 693 690 (office hours) if you think ASDA magazine could do with someone who knew , even vaguely about flower pollination and how this is done, contact either a 6 year old child or Ali Carswell described as the Editor of ASDA magazine can be contacted at asda.editor@asdamagazine.co.uk

Ali dear, here's a clue about plant pollinators in the UK.

Further clue, honey bees have 4 wings and 6 legs, birds have 2 wings and 2 legs.


Anonymous said...

birds do pllinate flowers, birds like hone suckler etc, maybe not in the UK but definate in the Amazon!

Anonymous said...

That's wall-Mart for ya in a Conspiraloon way. True, that is

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