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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Where are they Now ? No 374 : Humphrey

It was the late lamented lecherer and all round drunken diarist, Alan Clark, the Tory MP for Kensington and Chelsea, who originally demanded to know what happened to Humphrey who was the first victim of No 10 to disappear in peculiar circumstances.

It had of course been put about as a scurrilous, unfounded rumour that the ageing mouser had been despatched if not by the new PM's gorgeous wife, at least on her instruction.

The PM's spokesman,now believed to be , like Alan Clark, engaged on scurrilous diary (and very profitable) keeping said at the time ...(and who could disbelieve him) "One: the Blairs like cats. And two: the suggestion that Cherie got rid of Humphrey is a vile slur," he said.

Now as the pantechnicons pull up at the rear of No 10 and the famous sofa in which the fates of Iraq and Dr Kelly were sealed, amongst others, is hauled away - we wait to see if the promised successor will appear. At the time Lord Lloyd-Webber attempted to ask the Government what steps it proposed to take to ensure a cat was installed once again in Downing Street "so that the nation's business can be properly executed".

However, the minutes clerk of the Lords refused to accept his question on the grounds that it was not "a matter of genuine government responsibility."

Does Gordy look cat friendly ? Can you see him stroking a pussy ?

There are of course people going round repeating nasty rumours, saying that wasn't quite Gordy's style - until he became a married , and . er .. family man.

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