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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Africa's drugs gateway to Europe

On the 13th July Lord Patel reported on the way West African states, especially Guineau Bissau have become the new staging post for cocaine from South America to Europe and the US. West African narco / people trafficking attracts US presence in Guineau Bissau

Channel 4 had an excellent and hair raising film tonight by Jonathan Miller which you can view here " Africa's drugs gateway to Europe" - you can download this with Real player.
Pic is a still showing the Minister of the Interior who is (allegedly) the principal organiser, who Jonathan Miller interviews along with the Chef d'Armada or head of the Navy, a sorry mess of old coastal fishing boats. Scary.


Anonymous said...

Details of (UK sanctioned) Ghana corruption, as highlighted by Austin Mitchell in July 2005.

Shutter said...

Thx for bringing Mr Horsley's curious and un - settling , if not Kafkaesque tale to our attention.

Lord Patel was once very publicly sacked by the North West Regional Arts Association and is fully aware of how, when set on remving a thorn in theri side, the political / civil services can very successfully join forces to prevent any boat rocking.

Craig Murray who has a lot of experience in Ghana may be more aware of the in as and outs of this - he was of course publicly sacked in different circumstances - although he did receive some financial recompense.

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