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Friday, July 20, 2007

Zimbabwe - Meg lays down the law

Meg Munn Labour MP for Sheffield (Heeley)48, Co-operative leader and Methodist, received a little known boost to her career on 28th June when she was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and ......no doubt is accompanied by her researcher husband Dennis Bates.

She spoke yesterday in the House of Commons about Zimbabwe. (Link to speech which is being reproduced at Embassy sites worldwide - this is the Moscow Embassy site) It may be noted that neither the boy David nor his Shadow Hague were present. Bossy Kate Hoey (Vauxhall) (Lab) was at least anxious to ask where the missing youthful Foreign Secretary was .. apparently dealing with Russia ... "in which he liaised with the Opposition" , explaining both their absences.

It is a speech that is essential reading (if only for the fact that it is the first debate on Zimbabwe for 3 years) ... it concludes ...

We maintain a network of consular correspondents to ensure we keep in close touch with our nationals in other urban and rural areas. We have a comprehensive and regularly updated contingency plan that covers the 12 000 nationals registered with the British Embassy, including the elderly and vulnerable.

The country and people of Zimbabwe are being driven into the ground by the policies of a corrupt and brutal regime. Zimbabwe can recover, but only if the policies are in place to permit it. The UK stands ready to help substantially with Zimbabwe's recovery. I know that many of the Zimbabwean diaspora are anxious to return to Zimbabwe and play their part.

That will only happen with a major change of direction, and a change of policy. We do not believe that Robert Mugabe is willing or capable to change. Nor - more importantly - do the people of Zimbabwe. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure that their voice is heard, so that Zimbabwe can enjoy new leadership and a new start.

Call me old fashioned but talk of " regularly updated contingency plan (s)" and " Zimbabwe can enjoy new leadership and a new start." sounds awfully like something is underway .. especially as "We do not believe that Robert Mugabe is willing or capable to change."

Watch this space .... as Didymus Mutasa clears out the last of the white settlers from their farms. Eviction notices effective September 30th have been issued by , signed by the Didymus Mutasa, the Minister of Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement.

It may of course be all empty words, signifying nothing, but maybe Gordy is going to effect real change. let's hope so. The debate was watched closely throughout Africa .. let us hope that they anxious listeners are not betrayed yet again.

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