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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Burnley BNP Bombers re-trial gets under way

Former BNP candidate Robert Cottage (49), of Talbot Street, Colne, and retired dentist (not a BNP member) David Jackson (62 - with glasses), of Trent Road, Nelson, had denied allegations of conspiracy to make an explosion with intent to endanger life. Jackson had denied possessing explosives, although Cottage had admitted the offence under the Explosive Substances Act 1883.

After a nine-day trial at Manchester Crown Court, the jury spent three days considering the allegations but could not reach a verdict. It was dismissed. Previous post covering the trial and result here.

The re-trial commenced yesterday - it had been brought forward 4 days - it appears that the trial simply consist of a re-run of the evidence produced at the initial trial , simply in front of a new Jury.

At the first trial explosives / forensic expert Sarah Wilson for the prosecution also failed to impress when she explained that the chemicals found could produce so called , "Touch explosives" and were the only possible things that could be constructed , "for which all the ingredients were present at the house." which Jackson's brief Anthony Nuttall was not challenged when he described them as ..." suitable for "schoolboy pranks" and were similar in strength to toy "cap-gun" explosions.

Ms Wilson, under examination also conceded seven of the chemicals found at Cottage's home were either "pointless" or unnecessary in the production of explosives.

Lord Patel will report anything worth repeating. The Court report for yesterday from the Burnley Citizen Online is available here.

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Sinclair said...

From a number of reports (including the Burnley Citizen of 2/7/07), Police officers found a series of printed bomb recipes from "The Anarchist's Handbook", downloaded from the internet, at the home of Robert Cottage.

This would have been the same internet "Anarchist's Handbook" the apparent possession of which, by Quaisar Shaffi, 28, earned him & his six other co-horts 136 years in Prison, to add to the sentence of their 'leader' Dhiren Barot.

There was no physical evidence associated with Dhiren Barot & his gang (only the Cook-Book & some computer files), but thoughtcrime is a good enough reason to convict these days apparently.....

Let's see if the same rules apply to these two 'terrorists'.........

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