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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Israel turns on the drip feed of funds to Fatah - frees a few and continues to starve and strafe Gaza

11,000 Palestinian prisoners fester in Israeli jails, (According to the Ramallah-based Mandela Institute for Human Rights) including 150 women and 400 children and many elected members of the Government. A further 200 are being arrested every month.

Now Olmerde has agreed to the release of 250 prisoners - they will be exclusively from from the Fatah faction of Western lackey Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. It is also claimed that the prisoners on the list do not have "Jewish blood on their hands," meaning they were not directly involved in attacks on Israelis.

Olmerde who met Abbas at Sharm el Sheikh on the 25th June declares this is a "goodwill gesture" to his new ally Mr. Abbas, because he," opposes violence and supports the peace process."

"I promised the Palestinians that our government will consider the new Palestinian government, free of any Hamas people, as a genuine partner," he said.
Palestinian spokesman Mustafa Barghouti says if Israel wants to strengthen Mr. Abbas, it is not enough.

If it is not enough for Palestinians, it is too much for many Israelis. Rabbi Stuart Weiss, whose son was killed in a Palestinian attack, says releasing prisoners will bring more terror.

"To free individuals who are almost without question going to perpetrate many more murders, as has been the case, conclusively proven, in the past is certainly something that can only spell disaster for the nation at large," he said.
Israel had frozen roughly US$600 million, mostly customs duties that it collects on behalf of the Palestinians under interim peace accords since Hamas came to power in March 2006. After Mr. Abbas expelled his democratically elected Hamas led Government , backed by the Quartet, Olmerde said the financial transfers would resume.

Olmerde was as good as his word, and The Israeli government transferred US$119 million on Sunday, and Palestinian officials confirmed they received it. The Israelis said there would be another transfer in coming days.
This transfer will allow salaries to be paid for the first time in over a year to state employees ( an monthly payroll of US$120 Mn) but there will be no pay for employees hired by Hamas, including the 6,000 members of the militant group's security forces.

Security forces in Gaza were told they would be paid only if they stayed home and refused to work under Hamas command - which means no pay for anyone. Under Hamas, the 165,000 government employees had only received irregular, partial payments because of an international aid boycott imposed over the group's refusal to renounce violence and recognize Israel.

Those they do not starve, they will imprison, the rest they will kill.

It will be interesting to see what the Quartet's New Peace Envoy, our new Jewish Foreign Secretary and the Labour and Conservative Friends of Israel will say when they receive this news... no doubt the chief Rabbi's daughter who works at some unknown task in the new Prime Minister's office will also be overjoyed.

Apparently there is an incapacity in the UK (and maybe elsewhere) to understand how middle class, educated exiled Iraqis, Palestinians, Jordanians can be moved to strike in some way against their aggresors and occupiers.... nor how their sense of inchoate rage can be channelled by those who can fund and organise their greivances to be expressed in violence and terror ... and then so manipulate their actions and then the media to multiply the terror, they are so keen to unleash to impose yet further, order, discipline and it's attendant laws....

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