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Saturday, August 11, 2007

British "Citizen", Boris Berezovsky AKA Platon Elenin wanted in Moscow Court for embezzlement, money laundering etc.,

Boris Berezovsky Бори́с Абра́мович Березо́вский the Jewish Russian dissident travels now as Platon Elenin and shares not only his birthdate with Lord Patel but a fondness for fastcars, glamorous and rich women, and massive, well guarded country estates.

Lord Patel was not however issued with an arrest warrant in the Basmanny District Court in Moscow on Monday on charges that he allegedly embezzled an additional $13 million in credit funds from SBS - Agro Bank which he then owned, to purchase a magnificent Mediteranean villa in southern France...which the Court wants to take off him.

This is the most recent of 11 probes into President Putin's friend who has repeatedly sent extradition requests for Boris / Platon to defend charges of embezzlement and money laundering which commenced in 1999, when he was charged with embezzling from State Airline Aeroflot of over 214 million rubles ($8.3 million) from the national air carrier and laundering more than 16 million roubles ($620,000).

This is the man who was invited by his friend Ronnie Lauder to help open the new Estee Lauder Moscow store - Ronnie, the man who sat on the New York Port Authority which sold the WTC to his friend Larry Silverstein whose son in law sits on the Federal Reserve Board and shares Boris's interest in Eastern European TV stations by holding CETV 50/50 with Sir Ronnie Cohen chairman of Apax Partners , and good buddy of Gordon Brown. (UK Prime Minister currently)

Starting as a promising mathematician , he then becoming a used-car salesman importing Mercedes cars into Russia in the 1990s (many it is said stolen from the streets of Stuttgart) , and eventually setting himself up as a middleman distributing cars made by Russia's Avtovaz which he then proceeded to loot. "His base is Logovaz, Russia's largest car dealership, but this is only the most visible tip of a golden iceberg. " explained Forbes Magazine in a notorious article in December 1996.

In the mid-1990s, he was one of Russia's leading "oligarchs" who gained control stole of the country's industrial crown jewels at knock-down prices, in rigged privatisations helped by access to Boris Yeltsin and his "family".

As well as taking ownership of stealing the Sibneft oil company, he became the main shareholder in the country's main television channel, ORT (where the now walk by irradiated and dead Alexander Litvinenko was appointed Head of Security by him) , which he turned into a propaganda vehicle for Boris Yeltsin in the run-up to the 1996 presidential election.

It was in 1996 that he became, through "very" close friendship with Boris Yeltsin's glamorous youngest daughter Tatyana Dyachenko (now 47) he was made deputy secretary of Russia's security council. (She was also "very" friendly with Yeltin's Chief of Staff n the hard nosed Anatoli Chubais - who has survived under Putin and done very well for himself) .Through him Putin entered " the family" , and he funded the party that formed Mr Putin's parliamentary base. The new President sensing oposition then moved to regain control of the ORT television station, and to curb the political ambitions of Russia's oligarchs.

(Leonid Dyachenko , Tatayana's pliant husband is described as an oil trader and it was revealed held account at the Bank of New York which US$7Bn was allegedly illegally transferred to accounts in the sunny Cayman Islands and no doubt beyond. Boris / Platon has most of his loot stashed in the Cayman Islands it said - prpbably incorrectly and with malice by his many enemies - but it was a CI trust that owned Mr Litvinenko's ***(and the glamorous but slightly irradiated Mrs Litvinenko) modest US$£ Mn. pied a terre in Muswell Hill.)

Boris / Platon moved at the end of 2001 to escape, (not wishing to enjoy the fate of Mr Khodorkovsky) along with a few (well several million) sack loads of money which he moved to Israel (where he has citizenship by right as a Jew and where his separated wife and 2 children find their home) and London. It is from London where he managed to obtain "citizenship" (as of right as a very rich man and friend of Tony Blair ex prime Minister and now Israel's Roving Ambassador in the Middle East) that he was alleged to have masterminded the brutal murder of campaigning journalist Anna Politkovskaya, in order to discredit Mr Putin - an allegation that naturally he denies.

Forbes Magazine described Boris / Platon as the "Godfather of the Kremlin" and he took them to court (in England) claiming their allegations were false, they settled out of court. Forbes issue on 30th December 1996 Forbes described the two men (BB and Mr. Nikolai Glouchkov MD of Aeroflot) as "criminals on an outrageous scale" and also said , "Berezovsky stands tall as one of the most powerful men in Russia. Behind him lies a trail of corpses, uncollectible debts and competitors terrified for their lives."

Among the other Russian dissidents he is often associated with is the former actor (remember the Chechen's took over the Moscow Theatre in 2002) , Minister of Culture and latterly Chechen warlord, Ahmed Zakayev. Paradoxically he fled Denmark after the Russians asked for his extradition and at heathrow Airport was arrested in December 2002 on a Russian request.Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov slammed London for allowing Zakayev to be freed on bail after a brief arrest, and alleged the Chechen was a terrorist comparable to suspected terror mastermind Osama bin Laden. Zakayev, 43, had last been a top aide to Chechen separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov. He remains - unextradited but his "citizenship" is unclear.

"Today we have filed an appeal against the arrest warrant for Berezovsky on charges of alleged misappropriation of $13 million from SBS-Agro Bank," Boris / Platon's court appointed lawyer Andrei Borovkov said on Friday.

The court said that if left at large, Berezovsky could continue his criminal activities, harass witnesses or conceal evidence.

Boris / Platon has refused to send any of his own defense lawyers to his ongoing trial-in-absentia in Moscow, which he has branded "a farce." Associated Press managed to track Boris / Platon down in Israel this week and he said in a telephone conversation that "it doesn't matter how many warrants are issued; it's impossible to arrest someone twice" and denied that he has had any involvement in the operations of SBS-Agro. (Boris Platon is in Israel as the Times reported on July 18th 'Security services ‘foil plot to kill Berezovsky at the London Hilton’ and suggested he scoot there for his safety... and all we hear about is these bloody asylum seekers saying we do nothing for them. "Mr Berezovsky said last night he was confident he was safe in Britain under the protection of the police." .. so that's alright then.

In an interview with a Russian radio station in January, Berezovsky labeled Putin's regime as 'anti-constitutional' and having 'lost all legitimacy', advocating the forceful removal of Putin from office. Interviewed in the UK he has repeatedly called for Putin's overthrow.

There are many amongst us who wonder why 3 bankers who are alleged to have committed a fraud in the UK can be express extradited to the US. The same Government cannot extradite a man (not forgetting the terrorist Ahmed Zakayev as well ) to his native country who has looted the public coffers, laundered the proceeds and continues to plot and publicise the violent overthrow of a legally elected Government, and it is claimed has been responsible for organising murders within Russia, still maintains his freedom as a British "Citizen"

The Polish newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" claimed in July 2005 that Ayman-al-Zawahiri, the second most wanted member of al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden, received terrorist training in 1998 at an FSB camp in Dagestan and later became Osama bin Laden’s deputy, they quoted Litvinenko - a story repeated by AP and Pakistani newspapers. Litvinenko said he ," was working in that section at the time and I can confirm the fact Zawahiri was not the only link between the FSB and Al-Qa'ida", yet no-one sees the hands of the US in his baloneyium related death / murder .. if it was that that killed him and Linvinenko was telling the Polish journalist the Truth.

PIC ? That is My good friend (and Boris / Platon's ) flame haired temptress, Romana Tomasová , who calls herself the Director of Corporate Communications at CETV these days ( the little minx) collecting from Richard Parsons, Chairman & CEO of Time Warner Inc., on behalf of Ronnie Lauder the 2006 International Emmy Directorate Award to CETV and Ronnie for "pioneering the development of independent television broadcasting in Central and Eastern Europe " at the glitzy 34th International Emmy Awards in New York.CETV HQ is of course in the heart of Mayfair, London and curiously, is domiciled in the Cayman Islands.


Stef said...

It's worth mentioning that Paul Klebnikov the guy who wrote the 1996 Forbes article and a biography of Mr B. got shot...

Anonymous said...

"There are many amongst us who wonder why 3 bankers who are alleged to have committed a fraud in the UK can be express extradited to the US. The same Government cannot extradite a man (not forgetting the terrorist Ahmed Zakayev as well ) to his native country who has looted the public coffers, laundered the proceeds and continues to plot and publicise the violent overthrow of a legally elected Government, and it is claimed has been responsible for organising murders within Russia, still maintains his freedom as a British "Citizen"

Bear in mind that the Ruperts in Blighty haven't got the guts to mess with his former French Foreign Legion security forces, who protect his well armoured country estates etc. (Anyone who may have had the guts to take on the task is defending heroin supplies in Afghanistan).

paul said...

You got the picture wrong you pillock and have not had the good sense to correct it. you ingored my earlier observation.

Who is the woman in the picture ?

Shutter said...

Paul, If you had taken the trouble to follow the Ronnie Lauder link in the post you would have found the original post re the Emmy award to Ronnie. http://postmanpatel.blogspot.com/2006/11/ronnie-lauder-gets-emmy.html


This makes clear the pic is of

Maryam Hassouni who was then a Morrocan student who played a Palestinian terrist Laila al Gatawi in TV movie "Offers" from the Dutch Vara Broadcasting Organisation

...and definitely not Romana Tomasová - who would probably fail a sex test if shw were a Russian shot putter.

The Truth is often like an onion , it has many layers.

PS There was, in the use of the juxtaposition of an Emmy award to a beautiful actress portraying a Palestinian terrist (who naturally dies) and Ronnie who helped fund Likud, friend of terrists like Ariel Sharon,Shamir and who helped Larry Silverstein buy WTC an attempt at comic irony.

Ascribing the portrait to the Rosa Klebb like Romana was merely an attempt to elaborate on the original joke.

Apologies for the delay, we thought an explanation would be not be necessary.

So much for a belief in the semiotics of od de-construction.

Now apologise for the use of the word pillock - children read this.

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