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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dorset Horse Plods erase political message in the sand ... and send one to all political protesters - plus naked OAP's - Amazing pictures!! Ros Altman

Interesting example of how the Police State beckons ... Guradian

An aggreived Labour voter wrote "I want a referendum" in the sand below West Undercliff Promenade in Bournemouth at around 11am yesterday. The message was cearly visible from the Bournemouth International Centre and the secure zone around it.

At 1.20pm, shortly after the end of the conference's morning session, a line of six mounted police walked over the slogan and erased it. PC Plod (Horsey section) of Dorset police said that the removal was accidental: "They didn't know it was there. They were just returning from policing a demonstration along the beach."

Elsewhere on the beach (no pics available) some naked pensioners squealed and froliced under the guidance of the shapely Ros Altman (pic) to protest about the government's decision to protect Northern Rock savers while failing to adequately compensate elderly people who lost their company pensions when their employer went bust.

Labour aides hastened to ensure that Gordon Brown did not make eye contact (and presumably no other) with the nude swimmers.

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