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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Usmanov, Schillings earning a dishonest bob, Boris, Clive, Craig and Tim and a storm in a teacup

For those with time, a great deal of patience and a high boredome threshold, they can follow Tim Ireland's Timeline / Commentary on the events resulting in clients of Clive Summerfield who hosted his cleints on Fasthosts servers (including Boris, Craig, Tim and some unspeakable labour MP etc.,) being switched off, go here.

Since then, Clive Summerfield and Tim Ireland have publicly issued a request to Fasthosts for all relevant Schillings correspondence, a retraction and/or correction of the above statement, an apology, plus a fair offer of compensation for all parties concerned:

The best of luck Tim and Clive, Fasthosts evidently only respond to lawyers threats so you had better hire a lawyer - no way are they or "Sch you know who", going to compensate anybody before a Court tells them to.

Save your money, and the chance of cardiac arrest, move on, get a life... as Rummy says, "Stuff happens"

Life is just too fucking short.


Stef said...

far too short

brendadada said...


.. from you two? ;)

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