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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another conduit for David Abrahams cash to the Labour Party is exposed - Janet Dunn

Mr David Abrahams lawyer Louis Charalambous (we said we would here more from him sooner rather than later) has said a payment of £25,000 was made through Janet Dunn, the wife of one of Mr Abrahams' employees, in 2003.

The Electoral Commission record from January 2003 is above.

It appears that the donor was unaware of having provided this donation.

It gets better by the hour.

All this money will presumably be returned to the donor of record - who then of course may pass it on to Mr David Abrahams ...but then they might just not.

Update 11 pm. : Interviewed on Newsnight Ms. Dunn explains she knew absolutley nothing about her name being used for the donation and anyway she votes Labour.

Curiously Newnight also disclose that Mr Abrahams was a member of The Labour Friends ofIsrael and managed to be kicked out - it appears, by Mr Mandelson friend and fixer for Gordon Brown.

Cuirouser and curiouser.

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Stef said...

It would be nice to believe that some good will come out of all this and that all those people who still retain misplaced loyalty to the Labour Party will start something else - or at least clear house so that we can start moving away from corrupt, unrepresentative politics and government

It would also be nice to believe in pixies

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