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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Events, Dear Boy" Part 7 : Gordon Brown admits meeting David Abrahams

At his Press Conference today Gordon Brown declares David Abrahams' money was not lawfully declared and will be returned.

Another fucking review of the system by Mr Whitty, a former high court judge Lord McCluskey and a former Bishop of Oxford.... which would not be necessary if Peter Watt , Matt Carter and Lord Triesman had been honest and obeyed the law.

An offer of money was made from Miss Kidd to his leadership campaign but was refused because they did not know her.

Gordon Brown, " .... is sure he may have met him but has no memory of these issues."

"I knew nothing of these issues which had built up".

He hung out Harriett Harman to dry and explained she can explain how she received proxy donations for her leadership... that will set the Press dogs off on her.

He actually said in answser to questions over whether Harman had broken the law, "my understanding is that is not the case, but it will be for her to answer and her campaign".

"I have confidence that the information that she's giving us is exactly accurate," he added.

Pressed further on the issue, the prime minister added that of course I've got confidence in Harriet Harman.She accepted a donation from a Miss Kidd without knowing what the source, what the agent, was that had brought about a donation," he added.

"Of course I've got confidence in Harriet Harman and she has done as both chairman of the party and leader of the Commons a very good job indeed"

Harriet Harman QC. MP. has confirmed that her campaign for the Labour deputy leadership unknowingly accepted money from a secret donor (Janet Kidd on July 4, 2007) . (Deputy leadership contender Hilary Benn (not a lawyer) also received funds from Abrahams, having turned down an offer to receive it in Janet Kidd's name.)

"We declined to accept the cheque because we felt that if Mr Abrahams wanted to make a donation he could do so in his own name and we returned the cheque," Benn said.

"I was completely unaware that Mr David Abrahams was making donations to the Labour Party nationally via others and that's the full story." he continued.

Apparently Mr Benn was advised by Labour party grandee and OAP (she is 68)Baroness Jay that the money was really from Mr Abrahams and it was sent back.... now if she knew, who else knew ? Baroness Jay of Paddington has told Sky News that she had no idea Mr Abrahams was also making anonymous donations to the Labour Party....of course not.(She was the Ambassador's wife who had a wild fling with Carl Bernstein one of the Watergate duo - did AIPAC contacts warn her off ?)

PS : The Crown Prosecution Service has been called in to give advice.

The CPS, whose job is to decide when prosecutions are brought for suspected breaches of the law, has held talks with the Electoral Commission, the official watchdog over party funding issues.

Under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, ....Mr Ruddick, Mrs Kidd, Mr McCarthy and Mr Abrahams could face criminal charges for failing to provide information about donors - which carries a £5,000 fine or a maximum one-year jail sentence.

Mr Watt
could also face prosecution because failure by a party to return a donation from an impermissible or unidentifiable source also carries a £5,000 fine or up to one year in prison.

Oh what a tangled web we weave

PS : Northern Echo article on "That" planning application.....here

” project is one of the first to get past a block by the Highways Agency of any further development on the A1.

Because the A1 is over-capacity, the Highways Agency has been using its powers to stall developments, particularly in the north of the region”

Well,well, well. I'll go to the foot of our stairs.

Curiously Northern Rock were involved in a similiar development on the A19 - BBC November 2005

"Work can now begin on a £120m business park on Wearside after the council came up with cash to improve the nearby A19.

The Rainton Bridge Business Park near Sunderland is expected to create between 4,000 and 6,000 jobs over the next seven years.

However, it was put on hold when the Highways Agency requested information on its impact on local trunk roads.

Sunderland Council has now pledged £400,000 towards improving the A19, so giving a green light for the park

PPS Is Harriett Harman QC. MP the same HH whose hubby is Harriet’s hubby is Jack Dromey who was the Labour Party treasurer who was also kept in the dark about where the money was coming from?

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Wouldn't it be too delicious if the Clunking Fist was brought down by a scandal in Sedgefield?

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