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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Peter Watt has lied about his knowledge on Parties accepting gifts/donations from agents of "permissable donors"

Liberal Democratic Voice publish online an e-mail sent by Rachel Savage of the Electoral Commission on 21 July 2006 to representatives of all the main political parties, including Peter Watt.

Viz ;

Attached was a draft new edition of the Electoral Commission’s guidance on donations. This is what paragraph 4.29 of the document said:

"If the original source of the donation is someone other than the individual or organisation that transfers the donation to the party, the individual or organisation making the transfer is acting as an agent for the original donor. Where a person acts as an agent in making a donation, they must ensure that the party is given all the relevant information as listed at paragraph 5.4 (s. 54 (6)). Transferring a donation to an agent rather than directly to a party must not be used as an attempt to evade the controls on permissibility and transparency."

Yet Mr Watt when issuing his resignation statement at the weekend said ...

"."I was advised that, unbeknown to me, there were additional reporting requirements."

Peter Watt is not only incompetent, he is a liar, he has committed a criminal offence and should be prosecuted without delay..

Now we have to try and understand how nobody else at the Labour Party HQ offices did not see, read and understand what this e-mail meant..or does advice from the Electoral Commission habitually get ignored, thrown away , destroyed at labour Party HQ ?

As pointed out in the original post by Lord Patel , Peter Watt guilty of offence under Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 for failing to disclose Abrahams "re-directed" gifts Peter Watt ... "before returning to head office to head up the compliance unit."

Lord Patel took this snap of the youthful Peter Watt after the NEC meeting on May 13th 20 when he explained how the deputy Leadership election would work ... in which his very, very good friend Mr David Abrahams would use 2 of his conduits for secretive funding to assist Harriet Harman and Hilary Benn.

Peter showed his feminine side by colour co-ordinating his tie nicely with the backdrop and the rostrum signage .... very tasteful. The Labour Party it seems is the "Future for Britain" ...bute ..er..not for Peter Watt, the lying shit.

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