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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fiat 500 retrofitted with electric power

Chantal poses with the little 500 at the Ecoauto fair in Torino, September 2007 - no reason for "running out of petrol" on dark night with this little baby.

This is a converted Lithium battery powered Fiat 500 - details here

See the 500 running at:

Compare this with the cunts from the US Army driving a Humvee round Bagdhad.

Update Nov 28th

James May the long haired poofter who loafs around on Top Gear like a waiter in a seaside caff reviews the Fiat 500 Diesel - 2008 Car of the Year - 2008 ? (we haven't reached it yet ?)(D Torygraph )

An international jury made up of 58 specialist journalists from 22 countries gave Fiat’s diesel roller skate 385 votes, ahead of the Mazda 2 (325) and the Ford Mondeo (202).

Ranked top by 33 of the judges, while an incredible 57 out of the 58 included it in their short-list.Since awards started in 1964, this is the twelfth time Fiat have taken the title. The others were: Fiat 124 (1967), Fiat 128 (1970), Fiat 127 (1972), Lancia Delta (1980), Uno (1984), Tipo (1989), Punto (1995), Bravo (1996), Alfa 156 (1998), Alfa 147 (2001), and the Panda .

PS : She is a BIG girl and it's a SMALL car. Lord Patel got her to pose again for readers.


Guido Fawkes Esq. said...

Nice chassis.

Anonymous said...

is she a giant or is the car tiny?

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