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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Brown in Ugandan discussions as economic storm blows up - gormless Chancellor (another fucking Scot !) sees Labour sink in polls like Antarctic cruise

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is currently holidaying in Uganda - where he admits: "What's increasingly clear is that each country over these next few weeks and months has got to steer a course of stability in what are uncertain world conditions."

Poll results published by News of the World today from MSL who interviewed 547 adults aged 18+ by telephone on November 22-24. The data has been weighted to be representative of the population of Great Britain.

...and you ain't seen nuthin' yet !

This week is going to be dire for the Gubment as the saga of the missing data discs unravels - Vince Cable will hound and harry the Gubment over Northern Rock as Darling is forced to act - and King of the Bank of England will resign.

The Corrupt North east political scene - heirs to Andy Cunnuingham, Dan Smith and Poulson in the '60's.

Expect more revelations about the de Menezes murder and role of special forces. ...and expect fireworks over the activities of the son of intensely Zionist Lord Mayor of Newcastle Alderman Bennie Abrahams, (d. 1990)David and dodgy Labour Party contributions - Director of Park View Property Investments, Acorn Residential Estates (North Tyne), Acorn Residential Estates (Durham), Acorn Commercial Developments (Northumbria), Foxlow and Webfast - also personal contributor to Hilary Benn (17/9/07) and his deputy leadership campaign

Current election laws require anyone giving to a political party on behalf of someone else must inform the party they are doing so. ... so revelations today in the Mail and the Times today require some explanation. (see also Yahoo)

The Electoral Commission, show a Mr Ruddick has donated £196,850 to Labour and Mrs Kidd £185,000 since 2003. Janet Kidd Gave an £80,000 donation to Labour in July. Mrs Kidd, who is believed to work as a secretary for Mr Abrahams, is also listed as a £5,000 donor to Harriet Harman's successful Labour deputy leadership bid this year ... extract from Electoral Commission register of donations (click to enlarge)

PS : Rumours that Santa has stolen the address of every child in UK are unfounded


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BrritSki said...

Be interesting to see what Companies House and the FSA make of two "directors" of Mr Abrahams companies (to quote the Times) who are his employees and of modest means...

George Dutton said...

You should all read this...

"A Generalized Meltdown of Financial Institutions"


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