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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Miliband applauds Israeli victory and blusters about Charlie's e-mails

"I want to say thank you very very much to the Israeli football team, " Foreign Secretary David Miliband said at a meeting with Defense Minister Ehud Barak. "Now every Englishman is cheering the Israeli nation for their great service to help us."

Jerusalem Post

The Boy David also had a Press conference with Lord Patel's favourite war criminal and international terrist Tripni Livni reported by Israel Insider. (Video of conference here)

Livni referred to the Israeli team's unexpected victory. "I think this visit is a successful visit even before it started due to the Israeli achievement in the football game that makes some of the streets of London very happy and supportive when it comes to Israel. But, of course, we also had some -- I don't want to say more serious, because football is serious enough, but we also discussed the situation in the region, the future of the bilateral tracks between Israel and the Palestinians when it comes to Annapolis and the day after Annapolis, the threat coming from Iran to the region and to the world as well."

Miliband continued in the same vein, noting that "in addition to the football," bilateral relations are "strong" and "deep" and "I look forward to taking that to ever greater levels."

The boy David was however brought up sharp in this footballing love in when asked about the recent revelation of a private email exchange published in the Jewish Chronicle that made it clear that His Royal Highness Prince Charles refused to visit Israel because he doesn't want to improve Israel's international image by visiting. (Times online)..."A spokesman for the Israeli Embassy said it had “no idea” how the correspondence had reached The Jewish Chronicle. "

Miliband's footwork was better than Israel's Golan in sidestepping that one.

"Let me deal with the question about Prince Charles first because I think it will be a very -- not very bad but very wrong for anyone in Israel to have the impression that somehow Prince Charles didn't want to come here on the base of an e-mail exchange amongst his staff. I spoke to Prince Charles on Friday evening after I'd read the story in the newspapers on Friday and he said to me that he remembered well his last visit here at the time of the -- the tragic time of Yitzchak Rabin's funeral. He also made it absolutely clear, and I'm very pleased to make it clear today, that as soon as the Israeli government is -- assuming the Israeli government is keen to organize a visit by the Prince of Wales and of course all other members of the Royal Family, then of course the government and Clarence House will be happy to enter into those discussions to find the right time and the right place to take this forward. So I think we can scotch comprehensively any suggestion of difficulties in that area."

Miliband was glad to rwetreat to football, referring to the Israeli star Yossi Benayoun, who recently scored a three-goal "hat trick" but then was placed on the injured list by his Liverpool squad. He implied, presumably in jest, that the injury was the reason that a royal visit to Israel had to be reconsidered. "we were all very worried when Mr. Benayoun was ruled out by injury, the Liverpool star. Obviously we had to think whether the visit could take place under such a deep, diplomatic cloud but we rejoice in the success of Israel yesterday and we look forward to making sure that our side of the bargain, which is the correct result against Croatia, is the next step, but we're extremely grateful to the Israeli team for their help in this regard.

Livni chimed in: "And that our success is their success."

Lucky for her the Russian minister wasn't in town.

For now, she can at least be content that the Brits won't be pushing Israel to give back the Golan. At least not the player.

But when Yossi Benayoun is feeling better,no doubt Charlie and the lovely Camilla will be booking on El Al for some winter sunshine in Eilat.


sam_m said...

Supplemental tourism news. The Foreign Sec reportedly also visited a settlement in Occupied Palestinian Territory.

(The term "Jewish minister" in that report is a racial I.D.)

George Dutton said...

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"Ralph Nader:" "Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought!"...


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