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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

V-22 Osprey / Albatross now deployed in Iraq - will have a gun real soon now

The first combat squadron of MV-22 Ospreys (Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 263, known as "The Thunder Chickens") is now deployed to Iraq after decades of development. US$15 Bn development costs, US$100Mn each and without any arma ment they can move at 300 Km in fast forward and are incapable of combat landings due to rotor / downdraft problems.

BAE Systems has been working on a new remotely operated turreted weapon system, the Remote Guardian(TM) System (RGS), a 2 part sensor / gun , designed to provide 360 degrees of suppressive fire from the soft underbelly of the Marine Corps V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft. (Pic of gun - or what it will look like if installed)... " a compact, retractable design that saves valuable aircraft cabin space and was designed to be completely compatible with the V-22’s avionics suite. "

Stability testing was done at Camp Ripley, Minnesota, the RGS, with a GAU-17, 7.62 mm mini-gun, was mounted on a moving land vehicle test platform. The testers demonstrated the weapon’s accuracy, based on the three-axis stability and control that is the foundation of the RGS and a core capability of BAE Systems.

BAE is planning to make the system available for installation beginning in the third quarter of 2008 !!!.This BAE webpage gives lots more detail / slides / video of this spatchcock system, pic above shows what such an installation would look like. BAE claim ..." No limits to aircraft performance or aircrew tactics " Pic of sensor.

BAE also have a sales brochure should you want more information - pdf here

No comment about spending all that money developing a combat aircraft and ending up without any armament ... maybe an improvement on the Eurofighter / Typhoon with an installed cannon which the RAF have said they will not use.

V22 - a true US military product - made in 45 States of the Union.

See Time Article Osprey V22 - A Flying Shame

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