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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

David Abrahams(AKA David Martin ), Jon Mendelsohn, Gordon Brown and the "Labour Friends of Israel" - jacta alea est

In an interview with BBC's Newsnight, Mr David Abrahams (AKA David Martin - who telephoned the show) said: "I've just got a letter through my door from Jon Mendelsohn. (It said): 'The party is of course very happy about all the help you have given to the party... As one of the party's strongest supporters I would like to meet you.'" ... "warmest regards ... Jon."

The Independent has it today ...."Dear David, thank you for the message which Oliver [an official of the Labour Party] passed on to me. The party is very appreciative of all the help and support you have given over many years. At some point I would like to have the opportunity to talk with you personally about what we are doing and our plans between now and the next general election..."

Mentioning the priority for resources for the next general election, Mr Mendelson added: "Any time that your diary allows when you are next in London I would very much like to meet to discuss this with you. Warmest regards, Jon. Director of General Election Resources."

It now appears after more information has become available that on Friday when the Daily Mail contacted the Labour Party, Jon Mendelsohn (so influential in the Labour Friends of Israel and chief fund raiser for the Prime Minister ) went into panic mode - presumably in an attempt to shut Mr David Abrahams up...or at least encourage him to be silent. After all we still don't know if the money that he was channelling to the Labour Party was all his.(D Tel)

Mr David Abrahams (AKA David Martin )would be well advised not to go for long walks in the countryside .... that is not to suggest that Robin Cook and David Kelly were murdered... but they were.

The Prime Minister spoke at the Labour Party Conference to the Labour Friends of Israel and made some interesting remarks ...

"when I was growing up, Kirkcaldy and Tel Aviv were linked very closely because my father used to spend many weeks in Israel, he was the chairman of the Church of Scotland’s Israel Committee, "

"I will continue to do what I can both to defend Israel and to protect the security of Israel’s borders "

"I have strong sense of the injustices that have been done to the Jewish people over these years and that is why as Chancellor, I wanted to put money into the Holocaust Educational Trust"

About LFI

Founded in 1957, LFI is one of the most active groups in the Labour Party, drawing wide support from Ministers, MPs, MEPs, peers, advisers and activists. Our commitment to Labour is as much a part of what we do as our support for a secure and peaceful Israel.

No doubt the LFI will be anxious to demonstrate that the money that Mr David Abrahams (AKA David Martin ) was routing to the Labour Party, Harriet Harman , Hilary Benn etc., through , Ms Kidd, Mr McCarthy, the Conservative voting (and ignorant of her role) Mrs Janet Dunn and the paint splattered Mr Riddick was mr david Abrahams to donate .. and could not possibly have been "donated" by anyone else.

Zionism is of course a bipartisan policy in Westminster ... see here


Stef said...

a couple of really interesting questions arising from last night's surprise Newsnight interview are

- which part of the intro piece prompted Abrahams to call Newsnight from out of the blue?

- and did he seek a parent or guardians permission beforehand?

Stef said...

and the bonus question is

- what prompted the Newsnight production team to suddenly grow a pair and almost act like a bunch of proper journalists for at least a few minutes at the start of last night's program?

Anonymous said...

More on LFI & the MP's for Israel at Spinwatch here.

Anonymous said...

Odd think.
Jon Mendelsohn crops up on the list of directors of LLC Communications (see archive.org).
But someone called David Abrahams is listed as a partner. If that's the same David Abrahams, there's more history there than Mendelsohn has yet revealed...
See Google's cache for the page

Anonymous said...

Fruther to prev post re LLM communications, according to this page (below) the Jon Mendelsohn and a David Abrahams were working together at LLM communications between 01.12.06 to 28.2.07.
If its the same Abrahams, then what of a "personal history of past disagreements"..? More like a history of close working relationships.

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