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Friday, December 14, 2007

False trails, Lies, CCTV video,Lies, bollocks and the Glasgow bombers

"British Inquiry of Failed Plots Points to Iraq’s Qaeda Group" is the headline in the New York Times today.

The article must rank very highly in the rank of fairy tales in terrism..

"The evidence pointing to the involvement of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia includes phone numbers of members of the Iraqi group found on the plotters’ cellphones recovered in Britain, a senior American intelligence official said."

"The American intelligence official noted several similarities between the events in Britain and attacks in Iraq attributed to Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, including the use of vehicle-borne explosives aimed at multiple targets." Ya don't say ?

"The officials agreed to talk about the attack only on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing secret intelligence information."

:While officials stopped short of saying that the plot originated with Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, or was directed by the group, they did say it was the closest collaboration they knew of between the Iraq group and plotters outside the Middle East."

"The American official who noted the evidence found on the recovered cellphones was unable to provide details about how often the accused plotters called Iraq or how soon before the bungled attacks calls were made."

"Two other American counterterrorism officials generally concurred with this assessment of the link to the Iraqi group, but one of them cautioned against overstating the role of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, also known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, or A.Q.I., saying, “The event is best viewed as A.Q.I.-related, rather than A.Q.I.-directed.”

However, none of the officials would divulge the exact nature of the group’s involvement in the operation."

Which doesn't add up to a row of beans.

Maybe they might ask the questions ...

1. Why were the details - registration numbers etc of the two Mercedes "bombs" not made public ?

2. Why were the crystal clear CCTV images of the escaping "bomber" not made public ? ( Atthe time Frankie Gardner BBC Terrist guru said .."The BBC's security correspondent Frank Gardner said the incident had "come from nowhere" and that the driver of the car was now Britain's "most wanted". He said CCTV was the key to finding the "first clue" as to who was behind the attempted bombing. "

Anyway they got the headline they wanted, al Quaeda in Iraq is operating in the UK.... hence the need for longer detention of arrested suspects.

PS : Andrew Dismore of impeccable Zionist background , who has an interest in these matters is as we speak being interviewed on BBC 4 "World at One" demanding longer detentions for suspects. ...Well waddya know ?

.. and Dismore also wished to linger on the apparent success of the arrests made after the London and Glasgow bombings....Six people were initially detained in Britain in connection with the attack. Three have been released; two others in addition to Baghdad bord Dr. Abdulla have been charged.

PPS The Karnataka police today said it was yet to receive Letter Rogatory (LR) from UK authorities for furnishing certain information on Kafeel and Sabeel Ahmed, suspects in the June 30 foiled Glasgow terror attack.
"We have not received Letter Rogatory (formal request) as of yet", the Director General of Police K Srinivasan told PTI.

The Karnataka police had begun collecting information on Kafeel and Sabeel Ahmed soon after the foiled Glasgow attack. Police had also seized two hard disks from Kafeel's house, containing documents, including jehadi literature, bomb making techniques and correspondence.

Kafeel Ahmed ( see pic) succumbed to burns (he died 2nd August 2007) during the terror attempt, the Indian police have apparently further information on his brother Sabeel, who is charged with possessing information on the terror plot. Police have already seized two hard disks from Kafeel's house, containing documents, including jihadi literature, bomb making techniques and correspondence.

.. which doesn't suggest that this vast global conspiracy may have had roots in Bangalore and not Iraq ... but why spoil a good story by rooting out the facts ?


paul said...

why do't they just refer to it as 'al queda in the uk' from now on?

Shutter said...

in the


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"British Inquiry of Failed Plots Points to Iraq’s Qaeda Group"

Would that be the same British Inquiry team that said...


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