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Monday, December 10, 2007

Just Imagine , Andy Hayman CBE was in charge of terrism - and de Menezes murder - what a wanker

Sir Ian Blair who was a fellow student at the House (Christ Church to you) was anxious that I had a copy of this happy snap of Andy 'n' Nikki.

Nikki would have seen a lot of Andy in his job in charge of Terror at ACPO as she was responsible for Press contacts there since last week.

Anyway that's all over now and he's free of disciplinary proceedings having resigned so let's not worry too much - especially as Peter Clarke is still hauling his vast lunch pail into the Yard until someone else pops up to run the Met Terrists campaign - capacity to get expenses, stories, alibis and girl friends mixed is evidently a big requirement.

Heidi Tubby is well upset man ... especially as some more interesting photographs are said to be circulating ...... apparently Heidi doesn't get to wear her uniform ALL the time.

As for Randy "Andy" ...well there will be plenty of work as a Private Dick no doubt.

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