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Monday, December 24, 2007

Miss France loses crown in sex scandal (having lost here innocence many years ago) - Amazing pictures

Gorgeous 5 foot 7 inches , busty brunette Valerie Begue, a 22-year-old student from the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion, returned home a hero at the weekend after her victory in the Miss France competition. (In 2005 the winner turned out to have posed for Playboy magazine and lost her cheap coronet)

Organisers have taken exception to photographs which have been published by checkout scandal mag Entrevue, which they claim to be sexually suggestive... such as seductively lapping up some spilt yoghurt, and floating in a swimming pool on a crucifix. (?)

Old spoil sport 75 year old crone, Genevieve de Fontenay, a former model who has presided over the Miss France competition with a rod of iron since the 1950s, demanded that Miss Begue be stripped of her crown..."It is absolutely unacceptable. She must resign immediately, and if not we will make her leave. I wouldn't want to be seen touring the provinces with a girl like that," she said.

Contestants guarantee that they have never been photographed in compromising positions when they enter.

Residents of Reunion are insulted and held a demonstration in her home town of Saint-Leu and politicians dashed off a letter of protest to Paris.

Roman Catholic bishop Bishop Gilbert Aubry described her as “a victim in need of our help”.

The disgusting pictures published by Entrevue magazine can be seen here.... and here


Ardent said...

I truly like your style Lord Patel, entertaining the men folk with lovely nude pictures of Miss France and Carla Bruni ... with an accompanying story of course.

I suppose you need some form of interesting entertainment during the festive season, politics gets a bit drab this time of year.

Good work!

jay wain said...

Gee Missie Ardent. Yur so purdy when yur angry....

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