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Monday, December 10, 2007

Rewarding failure - John McDowell organised de Menezes murder now is top cop in charge of terrism - don't travel on the tube.

It has been announced that Metropolitan Police Commander John McDowall has been promoted and made National Co-ordinator of Terrorist Investigations.

He will take over from Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke as the head of Counter Terrorism Command at New Scotland Yard.

Commander John McDowall who was gold commander in the counter-terrorism operation to catch the 21/7 bombers.

The breaches of health and safety legislation detailed to the Old Bailey by the prosecution counsel Clare Montgomery, QC, were:

1. A failure adequately to communicate Commander John McDowall’s strategy to the officers who took over the operation on July 22.

Mr McDowall, deputy head of counter-terrorism at the Yard, wanted a surveillance presence and a firearms capability at Scotia Road, Tulse Hill — the address connected with two of the 21/7 bombers and, coincidentally, with de Menezes. But there was “obvious confusion from the outset” between surveillance and other teams.

2. A failure adequately to plan for or carry out Mr McDowall’s strategy for controlling the premises.

Mr Clarke The Sphincter of the Yard has not yet handed in his vast lunch pail (see pic) and continues to postpone his retirement in the role of temporary Assistant Commissioner after Mr "Randy" Andy Hayman announced his premature and precipitate departure clutching his very healthy pension entitlements last week.

The Sphincter is now in charge of the specialist operations directorate, which includes counter terrorist work as well as diplomatic protection and other areas.... doubts persist as tho whether he has to continue texting and phoning Nicky and Heidi and having lengthy pub sessions after hours or spending nights at Heathrow hotels....all on exes....US$4 Mn. missing at the last count

For Heidi's and Nikki's sake we hope not.


Stef said...

Please forgive me for linking to the following page on a second of your posts but we're very proud of these...


Shutter said...

Forgive the expression you are a few cards short of a full deck ... lying on oath, falsifying evidence, destroying CCTV records at Stockwell...do you just think about sex and money ?

Stef said...

Fret not, there's a whole range in the pipeline - backhanders/ fit ups/ porkie pies/ sex clubs/ missing cctv tapes/ favourite tupperware/ most unlikely household items identified as being WMDs/ the works...

and, as an aside, it's quite amazing what you come up with if you stick Peter Power's name into a few search engines and start digging around

Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman (retired) said...

do you just think about sex and money?


and terrirsm

sam_m said...

Sex and death. (This is a poll isn't it??)

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