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Thursday, February 07, 2008

E.ON announce their latest energy price rise - effective 12 hours notice

E.ON energise Sheffield children with powerful experience

Is the exciting news from their Press Office in a 100% authentic E.ON Press release today ... it goes on in the breathless, upbeat prose of the PR professional... "Children from Tinsley Junior School were given a chance to find out more this week about how renewable energy might be produced in the heart of Sheffield - at an exhibition at Tinsley Community Centre hosted by E.ON, one of the country's leading green generators." etc., etc., Makes you feel warm and fluffy hey?

Any Press Release 100% Official from E.ON about today's exciting new mesage about hummungous price rises for all their Mums, Dads, Grannies and Grad Dads ? Well...er... NO/

HOWEVER if you go to the website and go Home > Retail > click on Price Change in the rather confusing Right Hand bar you will find FAQ's and details of their price changes announced this morning - effective midnight. Yes, that's right. in 12 hours time...no we don't need to stick a gun to your head, this is open your wallet time sucker !

E.ON (they say with false modesty) is one of the last major energy suppliers to raise prices this year (brownie points all round there then). Prices rise 9.7% for electricity and 15% for gas because ...Wholesale gas prices have increased – by 60% for gas and 88% for electricity.

Prepayment meter customers price rises ( who pay a whopping premium) will be delayed until Spring (1 April 2008) to protect them during the winter months.... making virtue out of necessity as they have to visit to make the changes. - Hey ! it sounds as though we care.

They do have a range of very good FREE packages for energy saving ;

Free cavity wall and loft insulation
A PowerDown energy saving plug for use with desktop computers
A low energy table lamp
Two free low energy light bulbs
Two low voltage low energy halogen bulbs
We also offer a range of measures through our CaringEnergy

BUT you have to be over 70, make sure anybody you know hears about it, you don't have top be an E.ON customer..

Have OfGEM said anything ? Have they fuck. Hey it's a competitive market, so that's alright then.

Will OfGEM say anything ? Will they fuck, the supine useless bastards.

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