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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

MP's Office Managers Declaration of Interests.

Reading of the generosity of spirit of Mr Conway MP toward his family, it occurred to me, that if MP's employ staff paid with Public Funds without the normal tireseome procedures of advertising the position , receiving CV's, inetrviewing, ensuring fairness in selection on the gronds of age, sex, disability, vetting stated qualifications, medical history where appropriate, and interviewing. (Pic of recently bugged MP with his Office Manager - actually if you look carefully it is Toni Fabuloso working undercover as Lolla Palooza)

An MP could easily ( and quelle horreur) employ a spouse, mistress, relative, gigolo who (because of the exiguous funds available to the MP to pay his industrious and apparently overworked spouses, mistresses, relatives , gigolos) seek and obtain employment by extra employment. Moonlighting maybe, say, for the Welsh Whiskey Distillers and Barfitters Guild and Trade Association who might employ said spouse, mistress, relative, gigolo to travel to far flung exotic and expensive hotels to advise on , say, bar fittings, bed comfortableness or the correct ambience for sloshing out Welsh Whisky.

Perhaps even, the employees employer, Viz: The Rt.Hon or Hon Member might join them as bag carrier, note taker, bath runner, cocktail shaker ...

Just a thought.

Difficult to believe of course .... and of course embarassing, if say, the MP's flat or London pied a terre regularly received cases of , say, Welsh Whiskey or Bar Fittings to generously distribute amongst their friends, acquaintances, and maybe even their close family.

Must remember to ask Toni Fabuloso - she seems to know a few MP's Office Manageress's

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